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Farrah Fawcett’s fatal mistake

By Lee Euler / December 30, 2009

Cancer Defeated is a major source of information about alternative cancer treatments, so several people have asked us why Farrah Fawcett, the famous actress, died of cancer even though she received alternative treatments in Germany.

You may have been among the millions who watched the documentary she made from her deathbed (where she praised her German doctors despite the fact that the treatments hadn’t been successful).

As we’ve said many times, Germany is the world’s top destination for people who prefer alternative cancer treatment. If I had early-stage cancer, I might try some of the at-home treatments first, but if those didn’t work — or if I had late-stage cancer — I’d head for Germany.

In fact, if I had any stage of prostate cancer — early or late — personally, I’d forget about the “home remedies” and go straight to Germany, because their top method of treatment is extremely effective when it comes to curing prostate tumors.

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A U.S. President refused America’s outdated cancer treatments — Here’s where he went instead

Americans would be shocked if they knew that President Reagan, while still in the White House, turned his back on American cancer treatments. He secretly sneaked off to a German clinic — and lived another 19 years. Why? Because German cancer doctors are the best — thanks to breakthrough treatments labeled “quackery” in the U.S. (maybe because they cost a fraction of American treatments). Suzanne Somers, Cher, William Holden and Anthony Quinn are among the celebrities who have gone to clinics you’ll discover in my first-ever English-language guide to German cancer doctors and treatments. Click here to learn more!

I don’t say this lightly. Nothing is certain when it comes to treating cancer. Even the best treatments can fail. But this certain type of therapy available in Germany has always been at the top of my list of powerful, effective cancer treatments, from the time I first learned about it.

So you might ask, if German treatments are so hot, why didn’t they work for Farrah Fawcett?

I wondered, too. And who better to ask than Andrew Scholberg, the author of our Special Report, German Cancer Breakthrough? Andy did some investigating, and he found out that Farrah made a big mistake.

Here’s Andrew Scholberg’s exclusive report. . .

Only a handful of people know about the tragic mistake that may have cost Farrah her life. You won’t read this anywhere else, in spite of the thousands of words that have been published about this famous Hollywood actress and her final illness.

Farrah never received one single hyperthermia treatment during any of her six visits to Germany, according to Germany’s number one authority on alternative cancer treatment, Vera de Winter.

It’s ironic that Farrah never received hyperthermia, a potent cancer treatment that German doctors have perfected. In October of 2007 when I was doing research for my book German Cancer Breakthrough, Vera de Winter became my most valued source. She helped me get appointments with Germany’s top cancer doctors who specialize in hyperthermia.

I personally interviewed these top doctors and toured their clinics. In my book I recommend six of these them. If Farrah Fawcett had checked into one of the clinics I recommend, she certainly would have received hyperthermia treatments, and she might still be alive today.

Let me explain what hyperthermia is and why it’s so effective. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells can’t tolerate heat. Hyperthermia uses this principle to weaken and kill off cancer cells.

The principle is the same as a fever. Our immune systems give us a fever when fighting a full-body infection because the high temperatures kill the microbes while leaving our own cells undamaged. In fact, hyperthermia for cancer got started when a 19th century doctor noticed that cancer patients who got a high fever from an infection (such as scarlet fever) often got rid of their cancer.

Since then, abundant research has confirmed that high, fever-like temperatures kill cancer cells. And new technologies have been developed to raise the body temperature for a short time (without resorting to an infection, which can be dangerous in itself). Germany is the world’s number one venue for receiving this advanced, highly effective treatment.

A typical hyperthermia treatment lasts about six hours. During the first two hours the patient’s body temperature is gradually raised to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is maintained for two hours, and then over the next two hours the doctors gradually bring the patient’s body temperature back down to normal. A doctor carefully monitors the patient’s vital signs during this whole process and makes sure that the patient’s hydration is replenished and maintained.

Hyperthermia kills cancer cells by the millions. Any cancer cells that remain are so weak that another therapy such as vitamin C can kill them off. Hyperthermia is effective, safe, and painless. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, there are no side effects. German doctors have used it thousands of times with impressive results.

Tragically, Farrah Fawcett chose a clinic located in a small Bavarian town called Bad Wiesee that doesn’t offer hyperthermia because of a quirk in the local law – a foolish mistake on the part of local authorities, if you ask me.

Here’s why this one German jurisdiction banned it: Even though the safety of hyperthermia is well established, hyperthermia is absolutely incompatible with an herbal remedy called Carnivora. Let me emphasize that: hyperthermia and Carnivora are a fatal combination!

Several years ago a German doctor created a scandal when he used both Carnivora and hyperthermia on his cancer patients, causing them to bleed to death. That doctor was sent to prison for medical negligence. The town of Bad Wiesee overreacted to this scandal by throwing out the baby with the bathwater: it outlawed hyperthermia. The tragic result is that doctors in Bad Wiesee are legally prohibited from using Germany’s most effective treatment against cancer!

Here’s a brief timeline of Farrah’s cancer ordeal:

October 2006: Farrah is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer — anal cancer — at the age of 59. She receives surgery and chemo.

February 2007: With much fanfare, Farrah’s U.S. doctors announce that Farrah is now cancer free.

May 2007: Farrah’s cancer returns. Her U.S. doctors recommend that she undergo a colostomy — a radical procedure that would have forced Farrah to eliminate her solid waste into a plastic bag for the rest of her life. Farrah says no. She instead goes to Germany and checks into a clinic in Bad Wiesee that had just opened in 2006. Farrah’s German doctor is tickled pink to get a celebrity patient!

November 2008: A heated discussion takes place between Farrah’s Bad Wiesee doctor and Vera de Winter, the founder of several cancer clinics in Germany. Vera urgently tells the doctor, “Farrah NEEDS hyperthermia!” Farrah’s doctor replies, “I’ll do it my way,” or words to that effect.

April 6, 2009: Farrah is back in California where she is rushed to a hospital, unconscious. Three days later she is released. She is now back on American cancer treatments, including chemotherapy. One of her American doctors, Lawrence Piro, M.D., claims Farrah is “doing very well” but admits that Farrah is weak from the side effects of chemotherapy.

May 7, 2009: Farrah’s condition deteriorates. It’s described as “critical.”

June 25, 2009: Farrah’s battle with cancer comes to an end. She dies at 9:28 a.m., Pacific daylight time.

Vera de Winter personally told me over the phone that Farrah should have received hyperthermia in Germany but did not. Vera’s associate, a Dutchman named Nath Zuckermann, sent me an e-mail that also confirms this tragic fact. Zuckermann told me, “Evidently Farrah Fawcett was never offered any treatments with hyperthermia. She never received one single hyperthermia treatment during her many stays in Germany.”

According to my sources, Farrah’s doctor in Bad Wiesee gave her natural supplements and therapy aimed at boosting Farrah’s immune system. But she denied Farrah the best weapon in the German anti-cancer arsenal: hyperthermia. Perhaps the doctor knew she would lose Farrah as a patient if she sent her to another clinic for hyperthermia. She lost Farrah anyway. So did the rest of the world.

Germany has perfected the most advanced non-toxic cancer therapies in the world, especially hyperthermia. The doctors I interviewed for my book use a sophisticated hyperthermia machine costing about a quarter of a million dollars.

But I can’t recommend every cancer clinic in Germany. Most of them, in fact, are pretty much like the cancer hospitals here in America: they use crude and toxic treatments like high-doses of chemo and radiation. But six clinics in Germany stand out above all the others, routinely curing stage-four cancers with an integrative, holistic approach built around hyperthermia. For more information, check out German Cancer Breakthrough.

Back to Lee Euler. . .

I first learned about hyperthermia from working with Dr. Morton Walker to create our first Special Report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, which we published in 2005 and updated in 2009.

Dr. Walker has been one of the leading voices when it comes to informing Americans about German cancer treatments, including hyperthermia. And hyperthermia is the #1 treatment – chapter one – in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. Along with Andrew Scholberg’s report, German Cancer Breakthrough, Dr. Walker’s report is a good way to discover more about this valuable alternative cancer treatment.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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