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New cancer answer from India

By Lee Euler / December 29, 2010

New Cancer Answer from India Could be the Real Thing

One doctor in India says he’s developed an herbal remedy that makes it possible to stop cancer cells from feeding on your body. He’s convinced that a blend of plants growing in the forests of Assam, India—combined with an alkaline diet—can stop cancerous growths dead in their tracks.

His herbal blend is a form of Ayurvedic medicine—a word that translates to the “science of longevity” in English. The Ayurvedic system of traditional South Asian medicine stresses the use of plant-based remedies for healthy living.

Ayurvedic medical expert Dr. Nandlal Tiwari has produced the product Carctol®, a blend of eight herbs that help detoxify and cleanse acids from your body. The formula includes:

1) Blepharis edulis (200 mg)—also known as thyme-leaved gratiolia in English, this small creeping herb is an astringent plant that is also used as an anti-anxiety agent

2) Piper cubeba Linn (120 mg)—also called tail pepper; the fruit of this shrub is used to treat a variety of conditions including asthma, diabetes, gonorrhea and rheumatism

3) Smilax China Linn (80 mg)—called Chinese sarsaparilla in English, this vine is used extensively in Chinese medicine to clobber inflammation

4) Hemidesmus Indicus (20 mg)—known as Indian sarsaparilla, this twining shrub is used to treat syphilis, chronic rheumatism, and urinary diseases

5) Tribulus terrestris (20 mg)—this flowering plant is also called cathead or yellow vine; it’s known to boost testosterone levels and is also used to soothe frazzled nerves

6) Ammani vesicatoria (20 mg)—known as blistering ammania because of its acidic leaves, this plant is often used to treat arthritis and rheumatism

7) Lepidium sativum Linn (20 mg)—used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory remedy

8) Rheum emodi Wall (20 mg)—also called Indian rhubarb, the roots of this leafy plant are used as a blood purifier and to cure constipation

Dr. Tiwari says Carctol makes a marvelous daily health tonic. He’s offered it to his patients for 25 years. The formula has passed strict toxicology tests in India and in Britain, where clinical trials are currently underway.

Renowned oncologist and holistic cancer authority Dr. Rosy Daniel prescribes Carctol for her patients—to the chagrin of the mainstream cancer community. They object to the lack of clinical data to support the product’s effectiveness.

Dr. Daniel bases her decision to prescribe Carctol partly on anecdotal reports of patients who experienced recoveries and remissions from melanoma, ovarian and pancreatic cancers. She reportedly met a dozen such people on a visit to India.

I don’t have a major problem with anecdotal evidence for cancer treatment as long as it’s used responsibly. Here at Cancer Defeated, when we can find a sufficient number of anecdotes over a long enough period of time to support a treatment plan, we’re willing to tell you about it. To tell you the truth, I’m more impressed by a large volume of anecdotes than by “double-blind placebo-controlled studies.”

When it comes to anecdotal evidence, we do like to see a practicing doctor involved — not merely one who’s marketing supplements. As far as that goes, we like to see more than one doctor involved.

Most of the treatments that we endorse most strongly — for example, hyperthermia, laetrile, mistletoe extract — have a ton of anecdotal evidence provided by a great many alternative cancer doctors — the best cancer doctors in the world, in my opinion.

So when some conventional doctor sneers that the evidence for these treatments is just “anecdotal” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. At a dinner party a few months ago where four of these characters ganged up on me at once, I asked, “How many anecdotes do you want? A hundred? A thousand? Five thousand? Give me enough time and resources and I could probably come up with that many.”

It’s lunacy to ignore the clinical evidence of honest doctors and patients as “unscientific”. It’s the madness of our medical establishment.

Is there enough clinical evidence for Carctol?

Having delivered this rant, I’m not sure whether there’s enough clinical/anecdotal evidence for Carctol yet, so this is not on our “A list” of treatments. I’d like to know more. If it’s truly non-toxic, that’s a good start. At least it does no harm.

Please also note that Carctol is a proprietary formula available only from doctors. It’s not a generic supplement where there are 20 different versions of it from 20 manufacturers. Check out their website (see the “Resources” at the end of this article). The website has a list of recommended doctors who will prescribe Carctol.

If you’re healthy, is it worth using Carctol for prevention? I’m afraid I’ll have to leave that to you. It has an awful lot of “stuff” in it, as Ayurvedic formulas often do (so do Chinese herbal formulas, which typically sport a long list of ingredients neither you nor I have ever heard of.) Whenever I try anything new, I start gradually with a low dose and see how I react.

If the claims are true, this Asian herbal blend could be an important preventative measure for folks not currently suffering from cancer. This is because one of the best things you can do to put the brakes on cancer is…

Restore your body’s natural pH balance!

This is so important because excess acid in your body throws your body chemistry out of whack. The term pH refers to the amount of hydrogen ions in a substance. More hydrogen ions equal more acid.

Your body had a healthy chemical balance at birth, with a tendency toward being alkaline. When you’re young, these conditions help your body detoxify and energize its cells naturally.

But over time, most folks lose that alkaline balance. And if you’re thinking it’s no big deal-THINK AGAIN!

Left unchecked, acid overload can lead to sluggishness… stiff joints… a lowered immune response… and can even destroy your vital organs.

The famous nutritionist Dr. Theodore Baroody discussed this imbalance in his revolutionary book Alkalize or Die. He says, “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause: too much acid waste in the body!”

So how does your body chemistry get thrown out of whack? Well, the number one culprit is FOOD.

Your body digests or “burns” the foods you eat, leaving an ash as the result. This food ash will be acid, alkaline or neutral—depending on the minerals in the foods.

Acid-producing foods are hard to digest. Your body creates toxic acid wastes as it breaks down acidic foods. And when this acid ash buildup is chronic—it creates the condition called acidosis.

A healthy body usually has enough alkaline reserves to fight acid ash buildup. But eating too many processed or sugary foods can deplete your alkaline resources.

And if you don’t eat enough alkaline-forming foods—such as fruits and vegetables—your body will struggle to eliminate acids.

This is why Dr. Tiwari recommends using Carctol in tandem with a plant-based, alkaline diet. This creates a hostile environment where greedy cancer cells can’t survive!

One reason it’s so hard to say whether a cancer remedy works is that a good alternative doctor will have you follow several treatments at once. In Dr. Tiwari’s case, his good results could be due more to the alkalizing diet than to Carctol. Who knows?

For a simple supplement that alkalizes your body, you might try Ultimate pH Balance from our loyal sponsor Michael Cutler, M.D. I trust him and you can get his company’s formula without a prescription. I’m not knocking Carctol but you do have to go to a doctor to get it — and I don’t personally know anyone who’s tried it. With Dr. Cutler I know who I’m dealing with.

Here are a few suggestions on how to alkalize your diet:

(Alkaline foods)
(Acidic foods)
 Beans  Alcohol
 Green tea  Cheeses (processed)
 Nuts  Citrus fruits
 Pasta  Meat
 Tofu  Soft drinks with citric acid
 Rice  Sour vegetables or tomatoes
 Vegetables  Yogurt

The official Carctol website gives you their take on the best alkaline food choices at

I want to add that it’s controversial whether citrus fruits and juices increase your body’s acidity. Some doctors say yes, some no. Citrus fruit is high in acid, of course, but some doctors say as your body digests and metabolizes citrus, it actually becomes an alkalizer (because of the fruit’s high potassium, as I understand it). So I’m just throwing that out there. I don’t have the final answer.

Personally, I think if you eliminate all sugar, refined wheat, red meat and alcohol products — and eat a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables —— you should be pretty well on your way to reducing your body’s acidity. The program I just outlined in that sentence is the essence of the anti-cancer diet. Avoiding dairy is a good idea, too.

Speak with your doctor (preferably your alternative doctor) if you’re interested in trying the Carctol herbal remedy. As I said, the evidence is certainly interesting but not overwhelming.

And whether or not you use the Indian herbs—following an alkaline diet is certainly a healthy eating plan. It can help balance your body chemistry and rid your body of health-damaging acids!

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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