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One of the Best Home Cancer Treatments Ever- And Now There’s an Important New Development

By Lee Euler / August 21, 2013

As a Cancer Defeated subscriber, you may have seen our offer featuring a cancer remedy that caused one amazed doctor to exclaim, “What’s going on? The cancer is melting away!’

This remedy is one of the most renowned home treatments we’ve been able to find. I recommend it without hesitation to friends and family who come to me for personal help with their cancer.

But. . .we don’t reveal what it is in our advertising. You have to purchase the book.

Now, quite a few people think everything should be free, and they get angry that they have to purchase the book to find out the name and all the details of this remarkable cancer treatment.

For them, this is their lucky day. I’m going to reveal the name of this treatment, which I believe is one of the most effective home cancer treatments discovered so far. . .

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Breast Cancer Survivor was told:
“You’ll be dead in a year”
(Pssst!! That was 12 years ago!)

Doctors didn’t give Wiltrude much hope when they diagnosed her with cancer in the year 2000. Wiltrude, a German psychologist, never thought cancer would happen to her. But it did. And it came as a big shock.

One doctor told her, “You’ll be dead in a year.” Late stage breast cancer is virtually incurable using conventional treatments. Even M.D.s admit it. They talk about “buying you more time.” (Don’t count on it. The evidence shows you’re better off doing nothing than chemo.)

When Wiltrude told her doctor she was going to try alternative treatments, he said, “You are committing suicide with what you’re doing.” But she was determined to find a way to beat her cancer.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, this European woman came across a book by my good friend Bill Henderson, one of the smartest and wisest people I know when it comes to cancer treatment.

She tried Bill’s top, number one recommendation — a gentle treatment you can do at home for just $5.15 a day. What’s more, the cost goes down to $3.50 after six weeks because you just need a maintenance dose. And it even tastes good.

Not only has Wiltrude passed the five-year cancer survival mark, she’s survived for 12 years. We just interviewed her recently for this publication. The radiologist who tests her every year told her, “You’re the only one with this kind of result.”

You can find out more about Bill’s proven cancer treatment plan if you click here.

When I ask him about some of the treatments that top alternative doctors use, Bill sort of shrugs and says, “They’re fine, but why bother? My treatment works, you can do it yourself, and it costs practically nothing.”

He’s coached thousands of cancer patients with all different types and stages of cancer. Most of the people who follow the detailed, specific plan in this Special Report get over their cancer and live for years.

“Almost any kind of cancer is reversible,” says Bill. “I never give up on anyone.”

Click here to learn more about Bill’s amazing cancer protocol.

The reason I’m unveiling this bit of information is that there’s a new development. Because tens of thousands of subscribers to this newsletter have purchased our Special Report on the subject, I want to make sure they know the news. It involves putting this famous fresh-food treatment for cancer into a pill, so it’s easier to take.

At first glance, this isn’t the sort of thing we’d recommend — especially for this remedy. (You’ll see why if you keep reading). Normally in this case I’d say it’s absolutely essential to not only eat the foods but to prepare them exactly the way you’re told. But I admit the makers of this new supplement may be on to something. . .

First I’ll explain the original treatment. Then I’ll say a word about how it’s now been put into capsules.

Understanding Budwig:

One of the best alternative treatments around

Developed in the 1950s, the Budwig Protocol is one of the most celebrated alternative cancer treatments. Thousands of patients have found it to be a powerful tool against any stage or type of cancer. Dr. Johanna Budwig herself boasted a 90 percent cure rate.

Her claims have a great deal of credibility as she was an esteemed biochemist and, at one time, the German government’s principal advisor on dietary fats. She was not some amateur peddling snake oil.

There’s an entire center devoted to the Budwig Protocol, located in Malaga, Spain, but most people just do it themselves at home, often with the help of Bill Henderson’s Special Report How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day. My good friend Bill explains everything you need to know.

Bill believes the entire protocol (not just the famous mixture, which I’ll get to in a moment) is MORE effective than receiving treatment at one of the top alternative cancer clinics. He may be right. There are no studies on the subject. But many clinics will allow you to follow the Budwig Protocol while you also receive their treatments such as hyperthermia, IV vitamin C and ozone therapy. That’s what I recommend if you can do it.

Helps with other health conditions besides cancer

One of Dr. Budwig’s most important findings was that man-made fats such as margarine and unsaturated salad oils are extremely dangerous. If you’re old enough, you remember when we were all told these were good for you. Because she severely criticized them, Dr. Budwig fell out of favor with the German food industry and mainstream science and spent her last years as a voice in the wilderness.

I’m not sure the Budwig Protocol could claim a 90% success rate today given how much the world has changed — for instance, with much higher levels of toxins such as pesticides, and stronger, more resistant strains of cancer. But there’s no doubt in my mind that the protocol can be very successful when done correctly and complemented with other remedies, such as supplements to boost the immune system.

The Budwig Protocol has even been known to help with other chronic diseases besides cancer, such as Type II Diabetes. Bill Henderson has done it daily for years, to support his general wellbeing. He’s well into his eighties and still gets around like a much younger man.

To see what the Budwig Protocol did for one “terminal patient” — a woman named Wiltrude — read the green sidebar on this page.

What it is, how it works

The premise behind Dr. Budwig’s methods is to give your cells what they need in order to function at their peak performance. The core of her treatment program is a mixture of quark and flax seed oil. Quark is a European dairy product similar to cottage cheese. Americans who follow the protocol almost always use organic cottage cheese, because quark is not available here.

According to Dr. Budwig, the cottage cheese-flax oil combo operates at the most basic level of cell metabolism and division. The biochemistry is too complex to explain here, and I’m not going to try to do that.

A short version is that the surface-active fats and “the wealth of electrons” in the oil and cottage cheese blend “reactivate” vital functions in the sick such as coughing, urinating, and having bowel movements — all key to cleansing the body.

Given to cancer patients, the cottage cheese and flaxseed mixture often arrests and shrinks tumors. It gets better word of mouth than almost any other do-it-yourself cancer treatment.

Modern diets usually lack the highly unsaturated fatty acids our bodies crave and replace them with trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils (“dead” oils, you might say). We also consume too many omega 6 oils from sources such as corn oil and soybean oil. These aren’t bad in themselves, but they become harmful if you don’t balance them with omega 3 oils (and most Americans don’t).

Once the harmful oils get into our cell membranes, they destroy the electrical charge of the cell. Without this charge, our cells lack much-needed oxygen and suffocate. But with the addition of a generous dose of the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture, the oxygen balance can be restored.

As Dr. Budwig pointed out, cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in a low-oxygen environment. The flood of water-soluble oils you get when you consume the Budwig mixture forces oxygen into cancer cells and also restores healthy cells.

This is why she said it didn’t matter what your cancer was called or where it was in your body — as long as you consume her recommended diet, the healthy fats will interact with your cancer cells and weaken them to the point where they die.

By the way, it’s not effective to take the flax seed oil and cottage cheese separately. The combination has chemical properties that differ from the individual ingredients.

Early evidence shows this new capsule
could be just as effective

The main complaint about the Budwig Protocol is that some people just don’t like the mixture. Flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese has its own peculiar consistency and flavor. And in most cases, I’ve heard, you either love it or you hate it. Most people mix it with a little bit of fruit to make it more tasty. I tried it once for a couple of weeks and I was fine with it.

But as I said, some people just don’t like it.

That’s where the new supplement Procella comes in. It’s essentially the Budwig Protocol in a capsule, designed and manufactured so your body can absorb the essential fatty acids you would get if you created the fresh mixture.

This quick-serve approach to the Budwig Protocol is made by Bodygenex. They manufacture both Procella and Budwig-to-Go; their website is

Bodygenex claims their unique formula makes it easier for the body to absorb omega essential fatty acids. They use a combination of flax oil and cottage cheese powder, based on the ratios established by the Budwig diet protocol. They also add wheatgrass powder to the mixture, stating it further helps increase blood oxygen levels.

I’m a strong advocate of wheatgrass and I believe this addition is a good thing.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Using a bio-resonance device, researchers have found that the Procella supplement generates the same energetic frequency as flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Because every atom in the universe has its own frequency, this implies the frequency — and thus, potency — of Procella as a treatment regimen is not less than what you’d get with the original Budwig Protocol.

I’ll reserve judgment on how accurate the bio-resonance device is — I can hear conventional scientists screaming in outrage even as I type these words.

Great stuff, when you can’t mix the fresh brew

Bill Henderson says Procella is a reasonable choice, and that’s saying something because he’s probably the most famous living advocate for the Budwig Protocol. Plus he’s a man of unimpeachable integrity. You can get Bill’s take at

Several other cancer advocates agree that Procella is a reasonable substitute for the pure Budwig mixture, at least for those times where you’re traveling and it’s not possible to have fresh cottage cheese and flaxseed oil daily, or when a person can’t stand the taste or is lactose intolerant.

But in the absence of those complications, I remain a strong advocate for the original Budwig Protocol and real, whole foods.

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Kindest regards,
Lee Euler, Publisher

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