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Start taking EMF pollution seriously

By Lee Euler / November 8, 2017

While there are many causes of cancer today, one cause is virtually ignored: electromagnetic fields. We wrote about this a few weeks ago in Issue #756, and we got quite a response. So today’s article features more information, based on a talk given by Bill Cadwallader, a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist, at a recent Cancer Control Society meeting.

He gives a list of ten things you can do to protect yourself. . .

Mr. Cadwallader explained that humans are bioelectric beings and declared, “Electromagnetic radiation is the ‘cigarettes’ of the digital age, and like cigarettes, it can kill. We’re exposed to as much as 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents. So basically we’re all guinea pigs.”

Mr. Cadwallader said that about five percent of people are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation to the point where they can’t even go into a Big Box store without experiencing severe discomfort.

Can electromagnetic radiation cause cancer? Yes. He cited the example of a cancer cluster at a middle school in California in which 24 teachers and staff members developed cancer. In addition, 49 students developed cancer in their 20s, and 12 have died. The rate of thyroid cancer was 13 times higher than expected, uterine cancer was nine times higher, and melanoma was ten times higher, even though they had indoor jobs.

Mr. Cadwallader asked, “How do you get melanoma from being indoors? A master of public health determined that these cancers were caused by dirty electricity from an electrical substation a mile away. Dirty electricity can travel for miles.”

Dirty electricity – what’s that?

Most people, including me, have never heard of dirty electricity. Mr. Cadwallader defines it as powerful, high frequency electrical energy traveling along the wiring in buildings where only standard electricity should be.

He uses various tools to measure electromagnetic radiation in houses and office buildings. One tool is the ME 3030B EMF meter, which costs less than $200. Another is the Stetzerizer meter, which costs a little over $100. A third option is the Acousticom 2 Electrosmog Detector, which costs less than $200.

He presented a video demonstrating the Acousticom 2 measuring the radiation from a microwave oven, and told the audience, “We’ve measured microwave ovens that weren’t safe from 40 feet away.”

In the video, Mr. Cadwallader turned on a microwave oven, and the Acousticom 2’s needle immediately jumped to red, indicating an unsafe level. He walked backwards through rooms and down a hallway, and the needle stayed on red as he did so. This indicates that radiation from the microwave oven passed through walls as if they weren’t there at all.

“Baby monitors” have a dangerous level of radiation!

Even more alarming, he found that electronic “baby monitors” emit harmful levels of radiation near infants in their cribs. As for the wisdom of giving children smartphones, Cadwallader asked, “How can that be safe when the phone is half the size of a child’s face?”

The highlight of Cadwallader’s talk was his “10 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure Right NOW!” Here they are.

  1. Don’t charge your cell phone on your night stand. Move everything — even clocks — away from the night stand. Don’t sleep with your cell phone under your pillow.
  2. Use speaker mode when speaking on a cell phone. Avoid putting the phone to your ear because it can cause cancer at the site where the cell phone is held.
  3. If carrying a cell phone on your body, turn airplane mode on and Bluetooth and WIFI off — unless you’re expecting an emergency communication. How not to carry a cell phone? Cadwallader met a 19-year-old who had received a hip replacement. He broke his hip hiking, and had a tumor in the same area where he carried his phone. The surgeon could put his finger right through the bone because radiation had dissolved it. He had habitually carried his cell phone in his front pocket. (NOTE: anecdotal evidence of this kind is not conclusive.)
  4. Turn off your wireless router/WIFI when you sleep, but first make sure your land phone line or alarm system is still working and doesn’t depend on the router. Routers and WIFI interfere with melatonin, a hormone you need for a good sleep. Melatonin also inhibits cancer. You don’t have to remember to turn the router off each night. Cadwallader uses a $5 timer that you can get from Home Depot or Lowes that automatically turns off his router at 10 p.m. and turns it back on at 5:00 a.m.
  5. Replace cordless phones with corded phones that plug into a wall jack.
  6. Turn airplane mode on and WIFI and Bluetooth off when you read ebooks on a tablet such as a Kindle or iPad. How not to read on an iPad: One of Cadwallader’s friends developed a huge abdominal tumor and asked him, “Could it have been caused by reading on my iPad?” He’d been in the habit of putting his iPad on his abdomen and reading for several hours a day without putting it in airplane mode. (NOTE: Again, this type of anecdotal evidence is not conclusive.)
  7. If you turn on a microwave oven, get as far away from it as possible. The radiation from a microwave easily passes through walls, according to Mr. Cadwallader.
  8. Turn electronic tablets off when you’re not using them, and avoid using tablets and laptops on your lap because they’re creating radiation right on your lap. Never use these handheld devices when they’re charging. Always use them in battery mode.
  9. Never use a Bluetooth earpiece or headphones, because this wireless convenience generates 120 times the safe level of radiation. Only wear your fitness watch during your workout, not all the time.
  10. Avoid those utility company smart meters. If your meter has a digital display, it’s a smart meter. Smart meters can be ten to 70 times stronger than a cell phone, and they create dirty electricity on every wire in your house. If you have a smart meter, call your electric utility company and ask about an opt-out program. He knows of one woman whose smart meter caused her hair to fall out. Her hair loss stopped when she got rid of the smart meter.

As a bonus tip, Cadwallader gave the audience two recommendations about baby monitors. His first recommendation is not to use them. But he added that people are going to use them anyway, so his second recommendation is to test the baby monitor using an Acousticom 2 Electrosmog Detector.

Some baby monitors are worse than others. Some are found to be 120 times the safe level, which creates a health hazard for a baby no matter where the baby is placed in the room. His website,, offers suggestions and information about products to protect your home.

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