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Survivor Stories

Wonderful Choice for Me!—Kris Merlo Robinson

I went to the Hufeland German Cancer Klinik in March-April 2010 for 6 weeks, July 2010 for 3 weeks, and November 2010 for 3 weeks.

My follow-up treatment in March-April 2011 was great. I had a successful 9th fever therapy treatment. The ultrasound diagnostics taken on me look great, my tumor markers are extremely low and my follow-up blood work back in the States was nearly perfect!

I will return to Hufeland Klinik in July and have a 10th fever treatment. My plan is to then return to the clinic once a year for follow-up and a fever push or two. I continue on their maintenance plan and I work with naturopaths stateside to continue care.

Also, the administrators at Hufeland are working on a new website and have a Facebook page and I am helping them edit a beautiful brochure about their clinic.

Wonderful choice for me! Never missed a beat choreographing gymnastics since diagnosis.

Mrs. Kris Merlo Robinson

Long Time Survivor—Jenna Smith

I had leukemia in l986, and received 2 high-dose chemo treatments at M. D. Anderson. They told me “come back for three more.” I refused. I moved to Montana, went to Fred Hutchison in Seattle, and stored my own bone marrow. Relapsed a year later and got a transplant with my stored marrow. My grandmother-in-law bought a bunch of herbs and supplements for me, and I tried to observe a macrobiotic diet. Mostly I ate healthy and exercised, and did not smoke or drink. I lived in Colorado at the time, and breathed good clean air most of the time.

I lived for 17 years with no health insurance, and my biggest expense was a colonoscopy. Because there are a few cases of colon cancer in my family, I was a little worried about being constipated. I think the triple high-dose chemo with the third being the strongest (to destroy my leukemic bone marrow) probably did some damage to my colon.

Nevertheless, I have been extremely healthy since l988, eating good food and exercising. I still take vitamins and supplements, because our food supply is not up to par anymore. I eat organic when I can, but basically I avoid fast food, seldom eat at restaurants, use no processed or boxed foods, steam and bake (no deep fried foods), and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Sounds like a lot of trouble but believe me, it is worth it.


Jenna Smith

Miracles Do Happen!—William and Jeanette B.

Eleven months ago, while in my wife’s hospital room at 3:00 A.M., I was scouring the internet about cancer. My wife had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloma Leukemia (AML). Her doctor had diagnosed her and she had the first dose of chemotherapy treatment. I was devastated.

I came across a release of an article on Ronald Reagan, former president. I read the article and was astounded.

The question I asked myself was why had our doctor not mentioned any of the methods available other than a possible death sentence for her? Immediately, I realized my prayers had been answered, and there was hope for an extended life for her and myself.

The information caused me to instant action, and I immediately downloaded the books. The information available was invaluable.

My wife was hospitalized for a period of 46 days. I was afraid to mention to the doctor and nursing staff that I was following a simple recommendation that could cause no harm to her. She was discharged and sent home to recuperate at home for one month. She was scheduled to begin expensive treatments of an experimental drug.

Just prior to her beginning treatments, her doctor told her the cancer had appeared again and more chemo was needed. This time she did not respond, but went into a semi-comatose state. I was told nothing further could be done for her and she was discharged to hospice care to expire.

I took her home to nurse her and comfort her. I did not believe she was ready to die. I kept reading and trying methods outlined. With nursing help provided by hospice, I kept going with methods outlined in the material. One of the articles referred to in your publications is helping us to monitor her status of AML. The last two reports obtained show cancer has not progressed from previous readings.

She was discharged from hospice care, and is known as the miracle lady by her doctor, his staff, and the nursing staff that attended her in the hospital. They too, now believe that miracles do happen!

She has now sought a second opinion, and our new doctor is recommending a course of treatment for her. We know that there is no cure for AML, but at least we are not accelerating her demise. We have bought some time for a remaining life, and are making plans to enjoy what little life that may be left.

Our ages are 81+ years.

There is hope and alternate methods of treatments. Knowledge is power.


William and Jeanette B.

I Am So Grateful to God—Antonia

Thank you so much for your response. I have been telling people about your book, and hopefully you will be getting a lot of orders. I was in chronic pain about two months ago, could not sleep, and could hardly function. God led me accidentally to your book How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day.

I ordered it because I have a friend that has cancer, so I decided to order it for her. But I gulped down the book almost overnight till around 3 a.m., then right after church on Sunday because I read it till 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

Right after church on Sunday, I dashed to our co-op store to buy the cottage cheese and flax oil for my friend. In the meantime, I have ordered online the rest of the protocol. I dashed to my friend’s house and put her right on the protocol. Her tumor leg that was swollen went down to the right size almost overnight!!! She was sold on that new way of eating.

I also decided to try it, and my pains have gone away. I am so grateful to God that led me to that book and to Bill Henderson that wrote the book. I have been spreading the news like an evangelist to anyone that would listen. I also bought the second book Cancer-Free, 4th Edition. I am hoping to buy more of your books later.

Take care and keep up the good work. I am about to order the essiac tea now.

Thanks soo much!


I Cured Myself of High-Grade Cervical Dysplasia with Organic Food


Your article is great.

A few years ago, I cured myself of high-grade cervical dysplasia with a 100% organic diet, and daily exercise. I was diagnosed when I was 38.

The doctors told me they wanted to take out my cervix and part of my uterus and that I probably would never be able to have children after the operation.

I was at the last stage before full-blown cancer. My research showed that few people in the last stages revert back; only in the early stages. Usually in the late stages, it progresses into full-blown cancer. I contracted years back one of the deadly strains of the HPV virus, HPV-16, from my first partner at 29 years of age.

I ate mostly raw organic and organic juices, some organic dairy, and vitamins. Everything I used was organic including shampoo, conditioner, soap, and moisturizer.

Three years after being diagnosed, I went for a pap smear, and the result came back normal. My doctor looked like he’d seen a ghost.

I am alive today because of organic food. I am living proof of the power of organic food. I did not undergo any conventional treatment.

Thank you for your article. I hope I can be an inspiration to others, although I must admit it takes a lot of commitment, courage, and support from close ones to heal oneself like I did.



Miraculous Recovery-Thomas

I was diagnosed with an advanced cancer metastasis, which was considered terminal. It affected my colon, liver etc., and I was given 2 to 4 weeks to live—this was about three years ago. I had a miraculous recovery, and I enjoy good health, thanks to my mind—training to choose what is in my best interest. Natural herbal remedies played a significant part in my recovery, and I am still using them regularly.

Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence, and it’s sad to see so many people suffer and die prematurely. They give their power to a system that is destructive and uses methods that are toxic to the organism. But we have the ability to see beyond the dark world and its authorities. There is much need in the world that we see. Keep spreading the light.

With gratitude and blessings,


Fifteen Year Survivor-Rita K.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My surgeon said it was not fast growing, and as he was leaving for 6 weeks, I could either wait or have another doctor do the lumpectomy. I chose to wait.

However, during that time, I did some research and started using Essiac tea on my own. After the surgery, my doctor said he could not understand how the tumor he had diagnosed was found to be much smaller than when first found.

I continued with the remainder of the treatment; radiation, and tamoxifen, and am today still clear of cancer. I do believe that it was the Essiac tea that reduced the tumor, and have often wondered that if I had just continued with that herb, it would have done the same job as all the medical treatment that I went through.

Rita K.

No Sign of Cancer-Judith L.

I am a breast cancer survivor. While I opted for surgery—double mastectomy—I refused chemo. Instead, I am drinking Essiac tea daily, and taking Pau d’Arco also daily. My cancer was stage III, very aggressive with a high probability of recurring; and I’m triple negative.

After my surgery, a CT scan showed a spot on one lung. A year later, there was no sign of that spot. I’m sure the Essiac tea and Pau d’Arco had a lot to do with that. Should the cancer recur, I will seek a clinic that uses natural cures for cancer. I firmly believe that chemo kills, having had four friends die either while on chemo or from no immune system allowing pneumonia to kill.

Hope this is helpful.

Judith L.

No Evidence of the Disease-Jim W.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A friend who practices naturopathic medicine urged me to avoid conventional treatment, and investigate an available reformulation of a previously banned Chinese herbal formula, which with detoxification and proper diet should resolve the problem. It did. After two months I presented no evidence of the disease.

Last year, after nearly seven years of maintenance, I “went off the wagon,” and received clinical evidence that the cancer had returned. Today I am following an improved protocol of supplements, and have resolved to be a vegetarian, a dietary philosophy which all cancer patients must follow if they wish to survive.

The “cancer industry” is a corrupt failure. Only a very few cancers respond to conventional treatments. Corruption and greed have suppressed many alternatives. Apart from skin cancer and genetic predisposition, diet is far and away most important. Lives free of processed foods (especially sugar, flour, and salt), meat, and dairy products will be long lives free of degenerative disease.

Jim W.

Wonderful Alternative Road to Recovery-Linda Wyllie

I took my wife to the Hufeland Klinik in February of 2010, and the outcome was positive and satisfactory.

My wife Linda was operated on in December 2009, for endometrial cancer at one of England’s best known cancer hospitals. Needless to say she was urged to undergo radiotherapy, but she declined.

We went to the Hufeland Klinik as soon as she could travel, which was in February, and she was assessed by Dr. Demuth and Dr. Worms. Dr. Demuth advised Linda that radiotherapy would, in her case, have been the worst treatment possible, and that they had seen terrible damage caused by it.

Linda underwent five weeks of fairly intensive combined treatments, all gentle and non-invasive, except for the countless injections! The basis of treatment was immuno-building, enzyme therapy, detoxification, targeted nutritional support, ozone therapy, various IV infusions, including high-dose vitamin C, and de-stressing. As is normal she was extremely stressed on arrival at the clinic having made a difficult decision, but by half way through our stay she had overcome this. Linda’s treatment was based on the”standard package” that everyone had; she was told she did not need any of the special treatments such as IPT or hyperthermia. She also took the Wilhelmsquelle Spa water every day, and it worked wonders on her bowels!

At the conclusion of treatment, tumor blood markers had returned to normal, and Dr. Demuth advised us that in his opinion Linda could be regarded as cancer-free.

We think the Hufeland Klinik is excellent. One minor point is that there is a bit of traffic noise at night.

Linda was advised to continue with the IV vitamin C in England [which she does].

She undergoes regular physical examinations, ultrasound scans and blood marker tests [locally], and is currently cancer-free. All the treatments she underwent were, with the exception of some deep intramuscular injections, without pain or unpleasant side effects.

In contrast, we know, or know of, several people who have undergone long and protracted, and in some cases, extremely unpleasant chemo and radiation with questionable outcomes, and in general the ones we know look terrible. These treatments can easily wreck ones health and pave the way for a return of cancer at a future time.

Thanks again for introducing us to a wonderful alternative road to recovery from cancer, which most people are completely unaware of, and in many cases, don’t seem to want to know about.

David & Linda Wyllie

I Am Doing Just Great-Patti K.

I was treated by Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist, for breast cancer. He used sodium bicarbonate to kill fungi, which he believes causes cancer. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in December of 2009. I had eight days of treatments of sodium bicarbonate. I continue now with IVs every other week to enhance my immune system. I get ultrasounds every 3-4 months to monitor my progress. So far I am doing just great.

Many blessings,

Patti K.

The Most Effective Treatment Plan for Me-Kenneth Baughman

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August of 2009. I initially had gone to my primary care physician because of kidney stone pain. In the CT scan that was performed, the urologist I was referred to noticed some spots in my lungs and referred me to a pulmonologist. I was then sent for a PET/CT scan, and there were some metabolic areas near or in my lungs that needed further diagnosis.

By this time I knew where all of this was headed, so I began to research cancer online. I found the book Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce, ordered it, and immediately read it. I started contacting the clinics and doctors mentioned in the book and continued researching online. I initially ordered the Protocel, and began taking it as recommended, and purchased several more reports and books I had found online.

My pulmonologist did a endoscopy and could find no cancer, but he then decided I needed a CT guided needle biopsy. By this time I was beginning to feel as though I was being thrown into some medical meat grinder as a way to profit and nothing else. This biopsy came back as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, B-cell type.

The day my doctor informed me of the results, I am sure he thought my wife and I would both be distraught and overwhelmed. I thanked him for his service and informed him I had already made a decision as to who would be treating me, and we calmly walked out of his office.

I set up a meeting with my entire family, and discussed with them my options. We were all in agreement that the conventional treatment regimen was not the way to go, and I then I set up a couple of visits to alternative clinics that used the treatments I had deemed through research to be the most effective.

The Reno Integrative Medical Center (RIMC) was the first clinic my wife and I visited, and as soon as we completed the first day of evaluation with Dr. Robert Eslinger (a.k.a. Dr. Bob), both of us agreed that this was the clinic we were going to use. Not an easy decision because Reno is 700 miles from our home in Wellton, AZ, and the other clinic we were going to visit was in Phoenix, AZ, 140 miles from home, much more easily handled financially simply because of travel and lodging.

I went through the RIMC Boot Camp, three weeks of IV infusions, laser treatments, Aqua Chi treatments, and lots of New German Medicine discussion of traumas and emotions. After returning home from the Boot Camp, we changed our diet, all organic when possible, grass-fed beef, free range organic fed chicken, cut out sugar, added curcumin, some mushroom extracts, multiple enzymes, higher vitamin C doses, lots of chlorella, lots of spirulina, more probiotics, cod liver oil, an omega mix of Dr. Bob’s recipe, and some other supplements to our regimen.

I then returned to RIMC once a month for three days at a time for more treatment for three months in a row. I then waited about four months, and then had another PET/CT scan. This scan showed some shrinkage of the areas in question, all areas less metabolic and importantly no metastases or growth. I have continued with the supplements and diet. I constantly tell others everything I have discovered in my research, and have gotten a few people to change their eating habits.

I just had a PET/CT scan two weeks ago, the results were almost the same as last year. Same spots, no growth, no metastases, slightly less metabolic. I also just returned from a follow-up visit to RIMC for a maintenance check-up. I had IV infusions of vitamin B, vitamin C, and hydrogen peroxide for three days. I also had two treatments of ultraviolet blood infusion, a new treatment the clinic is doing.

I personally would not do full-dose chemo. I would do IPT. I would be extremely reluctant to do radiation. I have an analytical mind, and when a person examines the statistics of these barbaric treatments with an open mind, I don’t see how you could come to any other conclusion than the one I came to.

I don’t remember exactly which book I purchased from you. I have accumulated many books and many newsletters. I have chosen from each the treatments and protocols I felt held the most promise for a successful outcome, and have employed those to the best of my ability.

At this point in my treatment, I feel I have been successful, and I feel very confident about the prognosis going forward. There were three other people I know who received a cancer diagnosis about the same time as I did. They all chose conventional chemo treatment and they are all gone now.

Thank You,

Kenneth Baughman

I Am in Remission-K. J. D.

You may remember I wrote you several months ago as a stage IV invasive melanoma patient, who was diagnosed in NYC with an 11-month prognosis. Research of alternative treatment led me to your website. Your newsletter is very informative, and I described how after starting a strict diet of organic preservative-free foods and taking the Cellect program developed by Mr. Fred Eichorn at, that blood tests and repeat PET scan showed positive results. You replied and asked me to keep you updated.

This is it: On 7/26/11 I had a PET scan reviewed by my oncologist. He stated there was no cancer in my body, and I am in remission. I take no prescription drugs, my BP is in range as well as my blood work. I feel as great as one can be at 76 years young. I did not do any chemotherapy. However, I did have a series of radiation which the report states was of a palliative nature. I hope this update is useful to you, and look forward to any comments that you may have.


K. J. D.

No Sign of Any Cancer-Laura Jackson

My wife Laura was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in January of 2009. After two weeks of meeting with physicians in Florida and consistent research (including reading your German Cancer Breakthrough book) on alternatives to traditional treatments, she decided to seek treatment in Germany. We contacted Vera de Winter and made arrangements to go to Dr Herzog\’s clinic.

Unlike most patients, Laura received no treatments here in the States. No chemo, surgery, or radiation. While in Germany, she received excellent treatment by professional staff. To make a long story short (and believe me it is a long story), before the fourth visit to the clinic (month four), my wife had an MRI done in the States. The results were completely normal. No sign of any cancer or areas of concern. When we arrived at the clinic, Dr. Herzog reviewed the MRI results and ran some tests. After reviewing everything, Dr. Herzog declared her cancer-free and in remission. Since then we have made two additional follow-up visits to the clinic for preventive treatments. Later this year we plan to make one more trip for final preventive therapies.

It has been two years now since Laura was first diagnosed. She has had a total of four MRIs with the most recent being the last week of December 2010. All have been perfectly normal with no signs of anything suspicious or of concern. We are confident that she is not just in remission, but cured.

Laura is an RN here in Orlando, Florida, and has worked at an area hospital for over 25 years. Currently she performs on-site patient education at health fairs and corporate wellness clinics. As a health educator, she decided to journal in detail her daily experiences in Germany, and educate others on hyperthermia, detoxing, and the many other therapies which made up her treatment.

Everything is going fine with her. 110% cancer-free!

Chuck and Laura Jackson

Go for the Natural Cure-Bonnie Armstrong

Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a surgical biopsy, lumpectomy, and went in for a third time for wider margins. I had one lymph node that was positive, but it did not penetrate through. This was followed by four months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation.

I am a personal trainer and fitness director in a retirement community, and wanted to continue with my fitness routine to stay in shape in order to continue my job. Against my doctor\’s orders, I continued strength-training and aerobics just a few days after each operation and through all cancer treatments. I also did yoga and had massage therapy. I went to a holistic clinic as well during all this. I still follow some of their advice to this day. I continued with my supplements. I was also told by the medical mainstream not to take vitamins. I did any way. I drank lots of green tea, took flaxseed oil with yogurt everyday, and drank essiac tea every day as well. Along with lots of water. I continued with my vegetarian diet that I have practiced for many years. I have never taken medication of any kind since then. I feel great!!

If I were unfortunate enough to have a recurrence, I would refuse all conventional treatment, and go for the natural cure.

Bonnie Armstrong

Germany Caught My Eye-G. B.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. When my oncologists told me chemo was not working on me, I went to a major cancer clinic in Florida for a second opinion. They could not offer me anything new. That is when I started to look at alternative treatments. I ordered books and looked on the internet for anything. You might say I was grasping for straws.

Then one of the books about cancer treatment in Germany caught my eye. I just had to get to Germany, and try hyperthermia treatment at the Herzog clinic; treatment I could not get in the U.S. There were five clinics, so I picked the one that would pick us up at the airport. The people were nice, and when we first got there I thought we had gone back in time thirty years. Everything was clean and the staff was very attentive. They keep you on a busy schedule every day with some type of treatment. There were people from all over the world there for treatment, and they had some amazing stories.

They serve very healthy food for all three meals a day; any kind of fruit and veggies you have ever seen, and a few I never have seen before. My husband stayed in my room the whole time. He was about to die for a hamburger.

July 2011 will be three years since that treatment in Germany. My CA 125 is back to normal, and I just go for a scan every six months. I really feel that if not for the treatments in Germany, I would not be alive today.

G. B.

No More Teratoma-Earl Thompson

I was born with a teratoma at the base of my spine. The tumor was removed shortly after I was born, according to my mother. It is a long long story of how I learned that the slow regrowth of the teratoma had turned cancerous.

Some years before the discovery of the cancerous tumor, I had worked as a volunteer in the chemo room at a prestigious cancer center. I saw no one get healed during the six months I volunteered there, and decided then that if I ever got cancer, I would not take chemo or radiation. I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects that chemo had on cancer patients.

Well, as it worked out, the regrowth of the teratoma had turned cancerous, and I had a chance to test my belief that chemo didn\’t cure cancer. Immediately after learning about my slow-growing baseball-size cancer, I started researching cancer cures on the web. This was occurring in 2004, and I was 66 years old at the time.

I discovered the Johanna Budwig regimen, and started that immediately. I got myself in pretty decent physical shape by walking three miles each day. I stopped eating sweets and drinking Coca Colas. I alkalinized my body and started drinking Essiac Tea. Oh, we did much juicing, too. Much prayer was offered on my behalf by many relatives and friends. I am a devout Christian, and believe deeply in God\’s ability to heal.

Six weeks after the discovery of my cancerous tumor, I had it removed. The oncology surgeon originally described the tumor as having the appearance of a ball of small red grapes wrapped around my lower backbone, mainly on the inside of my backbone. The surgeon had to take off my coccyx to get to the tumor.

When he talked to my wife in the waiting room immediately after the surgery, he told my wife, “I have just seen something that I have never seen before. The tumor has changed its appearance, and has the appearance of one big smooth cell, and I don\’t believe it is cancerous now, but I will have to send it off to pathology to make sure it is not cancerous anymore.”

The test came back negative! No cancer! No reoccurrence has occurred to date!

Earl Thompson

I Am a Survivor-Claudia Deprez

Hi, my name is Claudia Deprez, originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, but currently I live in Blairsville, GA. I am a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor! Twice! Originally diagnosed in September of 2003, I did chemo, and everything else I could get my hands and heart on. I did not have surgery as it was metastatic to the chest wall. So they saw no point. I retired from my practice of real estate and community activism to north Georgia to reduce the stress.

In October of 2007, I had a reoccurrence, total hysterectomy, appendectomy, abdominal wall, etc., followed by another round of chemo, both abdominal and systemic, and I took increased supplements. I am now approaching my 4-year anniversary.

I am a Survivor, and my story is well worth sharing. My oncologist told me if she ever got cancer, she would do what I have done! We are indeed, our own “Clinical Trial.”

Claudia Deprez

Going to Germany Was the Answer-Louise Young

I had heard about the German clinics before you put your book out, but didn\’t have any details, so your news online came at the right time.

My husband and I chose Dr. Herzog\’s Fachklinik in Bad Salzhausen. He responded very quickly with information. The close proximity to the Frankfurt airport and pick up was appealing.

The staff, Dr. Herzog and his doctors, nurses, etc. were all wonderful and couldn\’t do enough for you. It was as enjoyable an experience as one could have, given the circumstances.

I have done approximately three years of research, working on body, mind, and spirit. My cancer was an unusual one, triple negative breast cancer, not one of the typical hormone related ones. I knew deep down it was the negative stress eating away at the body, hence my researching.

I also credit all the supplements I have taken over the last three years. They have played an important part in keeping me as healthy as possible during this time. I knew if the immune system was already compromised that it needed to be continuously built up and cleansed. Actually through those three years, I felt fine. I continued with activities and life. Going to Germany for this holistic type of healthy treatment combined with the full body heat treatment with lower doses of chemo, was the answer.

Have also met a wonderful group of people from all over the world and keep in touch with them.

I would highly recommend Dr. Herzog\’s clinic.

Louise Young

I Remain Cancer-Free – Debbie Wylie

Unfortunately, I became familiar with your newsletter and books AFTER my cancer treatment, but I rejoiced to find Dr. Vargas\’s name listed in your book about the Mexican clinics, and I continue to pass much of your materials on to others.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 tonsil cancer as a 57 year old in the fall of 2007. I refused conventional treatment and tried to learn as much as I could online. I treated myself using enzymes, ozone treatments, diet changes, colonics and supplements. But with further testing the following summer, my cancer had spread to the other tonsil and additional lymph nodes in my neck. I turned my attention at that point to pursuing treatment in Mexico.

I found Dr. Salvador Vargas in Tijuana, Mexico, and in a testimony from a former patient of his who had the same cancer as I. My four weeks of treatment in the summer and fall of 2008 were 100 percent successful, but I must also give credit to a holistic dentist I saw during my initial week of treatment.

His name is Dr. Erich Wolley, and I believe he found the cause of my cancer in two long-term-infected root-canalled teeth, which he removed during my initial consultation. He has since replaced all my mercury fillings, using every safety precaution, and has helped me attain the wonderful health and fitness I enjoy today.

Both doctors are very kind, caring, compassionate men who individualized their treatment plans for me at very reasonable costs. My latest tests this past February confirmed I remain cancer-free.


Debbie Wylie

The Scans Show No Cancer — Murray Pearson

It’s certainly nice to be one of the very rare ones on the good side of the pancreatic cancer ledger!

January, 2010: Pancreatic, critical. [I was told] I required a Whipples procedure immediately, followed by chemotherapy. [The procedure was at] Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. As soon as I’d recovered sufficiently from surgery, [I had] chemo. [It] lasted all year (in two rounds) during 2010.

[My] cancer [was] in remission, but [I] wanted to explore as many options as possible outside of conventional oncology.

[I went to the] Herzog Hospital, near Nidda via Frankfurt, Germany, [in] January, 2011. [It was] excellent. [I had] whole-body hyperthermia with low-dose chemo, plus local hyperthermia, plus extensive complementary therapies.

Cancer Defeated: Were they successful? Yes. [I’ve been] cancer-free for six weeks. The latest CT and PET scans show “no evidence” (and I feel really good).

Cancer Defeated: Would you recommend this clinic to others? Definitely, yes. Why? Extensive complementary and integrative therapies approach, great staff and facilities.

Happy days,

Murray Pearson

…I Most Probably Wouldn’t Be Alive Today…—Maria da Silva

I live in South Africa, and was first diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2002, when I was 47 years of age. I had a mastectomy done, but did not want to go through the other conventional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy or hormonal suppressants. I also opted not to have reconstruction done.

Three years later I had a recurrence on the same side. A tumour the size of a pimple appeared on the scar. Initially nobody made any fuss over it — not even the doctors, until February 2009 when this tumour just started growing and growing overnight. It grew to 4 cm and eventually the pain started spreading down my arm. I then decided to search the net for alternative cures. I had friends and acquaintances that actually died from chemotherapy and radiation rather than from the actual disease.

After many hours of investigation done on the internet, we came across various healing processes, and I tried a few of them over a period of six months. I never mixed the protocols, but I saw that although they helped, the processes were just too slow and not all of them agreed with me. My cancer had stagnated, but I wanted to get healed.

Through the search, I came across your book German Cancer Breakthrough. Well, from that day onwards I haven\’t looked back. I have been cancer free for the last 18 months, and to date I haven\’t taken my eye off the ball.

I went to Germany and was treated at the Dr. Herzog Klinic. What a beautiful place in every sense of the word! One is picked up from the airport, where they are already waiting for you. The accommodation is one of a five-star bed-and-breakfast. They are friendly, and the whole staff speaks English. They give you plenty of attention. The doctors are there to give you the right advice and help you along with your problems. The treatments vary according to the type of cancer, its progress and its metastases.

Mainly the treatment involves whole-body and local hyperthermia, intravenous vitamin C combined with other vitamins, magnetic field, ozone, and digestive enzymes, combined with other treatments adapted for the specific cancer. They also offer other types of treatment not only for the body, but also for the soul, such as relaxation, physiotherapy, Pilates, yoga, etc.

To date I continue with the treatments that are available in South Africa, and do the regular checkups, but for the more intense treatments which are not available in South Africa, I go to Germany, which is every six to nine months. These treatments have no side effects, are not harsh and you do not lose your hair. They are also pain-free.

There is also a beautiful park across the road which is very peaceful for the soul with six natural spring healing fountains. Dr. Herzog always recommends if a person is strong enough to go for walks in the park and drink some of that healing water. I just hope others will find healing the same way as I did.

If anybody out there has cancer I strongly advise them to go to Germany. They will not regret it.

My wish is that the rest of the world would follow the same protocol as the Germans, which seem to have a higher rate of success than those of conventional treatments.
If I hadn\’t known about these German clinics through your book, I most probably wouldn\’t be alive today. I met other cancer patients in South Africa which were diagnosed with breast cancer after me, but didn\’t want to believe in these German treatments. They have already perished.
Dr. Herzog who has been treating me has the patient at heart. He is passionate and dedicated in his work to heal cancer patients completely.

Kind regards,
Maria da Silva
Johannesburg, South Africa

All Treatments Were Very Successful — O. P. G.

[I was diagnosed on] November 11, 2007. Brain, quite advanced. [I went to] Prof. Dr. Med. Alexander Herzog of Fachklinic Dr. Herzog, Kurstr., 16-18, in January, 2010.

[I had] (1) local hyperthermia, one hour, three times a week, (2) magnetic field, 20 minutes, three times a week, and (3) physiotherapy, one-half hour each treatment — two and a half hours per week. All treatments were very successful.

The cells of cancer are in sleeping mode as per the last MRI report. … After the MRI on April 11, 2011, the doctor said, “Mr. Gupta, you are one of the luckiest persons, with such good response to the treatment.”

I have already recommended [this clinic] to many patients. The price is reasonable.

Dr. Herzog and his team are wonderful people professionally and personally. Dr. Herzog\’s clinic is a wonderful place, located in wonderful surroundings near Frankfurt (about 70 km. from Frankfurt). All the equipment is almost new. The other facilities such as gym, cafeteria, library, laundry, etc., are big conveniences. All the patients are so happy to be there.

Yours in cancer survival,

O. P. G.