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These green foods protect you against cancer and nuclear accidents

By Lee Euler / January 22, 2017

Suppose I told you that there is a pair of green foods that can not only lower your risk of developing a tumor but could also protect your body against absorbing radioactive minerals that are released into the atmosphere when a nuclear reactor malfunctions, as happened at Chernobyl in Russia or Fukushima in Japan.

But before I tell you about the two green foods, ask yourself this: Can you name anything – anything at all – that the folks in lab coats working for Big Pharma have come up with that comes close to affording those kinds of benefits?

I didn’t think so, because it just doesn’t exist.

That’s part of what’s unique about superfoods like chlorella and spirulina. In general, they way outperform pharmaceutical drugs.

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Green food protection

The health benefits – particularly the anti-cancer benefits – of both these types of “algae” are earning them attention as superfoods you need to consume in the polluted, toxin-ridden environment we now inhabit.

Although spirulina used to be considered an algae, it’s now identified as a special type of bacteria known as cyanobacteria.1 Any way you classify it, both humans and animals have been consuming spirulina for eons. As a matter of fact, pink flamingos get their color from consuming a pink pigment in spirulina called phycoerythrin.2

The Aztecs consumed spirulina before Columbus discovered America, and in Asia it’s a common addition to meals. It’s rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Environmentally, it has been shown that spirulina can help eliminate heavy metals from the body and can be used to purify polluted waters.

I recall that many years ago, a famous alternative doctor, David Williams, said spirulina is a complete food. You could live on it, if you had to.

More than one way to photosynthesize

Both chlorella and spirulina are rich in chlorophyll, the green chemical they use for photosynthesis — the process of absorbing energy from sunlight in order to produce food from carbon dioxide and water.

Getting healthy amounts of chlorophyll from chlorella and spirulina can help lower your risk of cancer. That’s because chlorophyll links up with carcinogenic chemicals in your body and keeps them from doing harm to cells. The two green superfoods can protect you from:

  • Cancer-causing substances in tobacco smoke called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Carcinogens in cooked meat called heterocyclic amines.
  • Aflatoxins in corn and other grains that are created by mold and have been linked to liver cancer.3

A laboratory study at Oregon State University offers insight into the potent defense chlorophyll offers against the usual day-to-day exposure to carcinogens that most of us encounter. For example, the research found that in the case of aflatoxin that may be in your food (and which you can’t detect by smell or taste), chlorophyll may keep it from entering the body from the digestive tract even if you swallow contaminated items.4

And while chlorophyll is an invaluable cancer-fighter, spirulina offers an additional photosynthetic chemical called phycocyanin that offers extra benefits.

The benefit to spirulina from using phycocyanin to absorb sunlight is that it can help this type of bacteria harness the energy of light of slightly different wavelengths than chlorophyll can.

But for us, when we consume spirulina, phycocyanin can act as a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, designed a test to see how phycocyanin affects pancreatic adenocarcinoma (what the researchers call “one of the most lethal human malignancies, and unresponsive to current chemotherapies”).

Their results show that phycocyanin “exerts anti-pancreatic cancer activity” by causing cancer cells to self-destruct via the process called apoptosis and autophagic cell death – a process that involves absorption of the proteins and other substances from the dying cells in structures called vacuoles.5 The finding is remarkable when you consider that pancreatic cancer is almost always fatal – and fast.

Supports your liver

Spirulina can also offer much needed support for a liver that’s healthier and less prone to cancer.

A study at Louisiana State University shows that, along with fighting inflammation and spurring on the body’s immune cells called natural killer cells, spirulina can lead cancer cells to die. Similar to what was found in pancreatic cancer cells, the Louisiana researchers report that phycocyanin induces apoptosis in liver cancer.

Their lab work substantiates the finding that spirulina “is a protective phyto-antioxidant against liver toxicity and an anti-tumor agent.”6

Chlorella protects you from radiation

Not that chlorella is a slouch. As I mentioned, the second of the two green superfoods can help your body avoid the environmental danger from the release of radioactivity into the air and water when nuclear reactor accidents occur. Carried by wind and ocean currents, such radiation may turn up thousands of miles from its place of origin.

Such reactor mishaps are rare, and I think the danger is somewhat overrated. But to paraphrase an old joke, “One nuclear accident can ruin your whole day.”

When they do happen, you’re in better shape if you’ve been taking a chlorella supplement. And there is a risk that nuclear accidents could become more common, as more and more reactors are built in countries that aren’t as fanatical about safety and environmental protection as ours is.

One of the most dangerous byproducts of nuclear reactions is a radioactive mineral called strontium 90. It can enter the body in contaminated food and, when you absorb it from the intestinal tract, it ends up being deposited in your bones.

Now, while chlorella can’t do anything for the strontium that’s already in bone tissue, research in Japan shows it has preventive powers – It can keep radioactive strontium from being absorbed. Chlorella causes it to travel out of the body and be excreted.7

Improvements for cancer patients

If you already have cancer and are receiving conventional medical treatment, research shows that spirulina and chlorella should be added to your treatment options.

A study in Asia, for instance, demonstrates that breast cancer patients who consumed chlorella and chlorella extracts derived significant benefits. The most commons ones were. . .

  • Fewer stomach problems
  • Less fatigue and more energy
  • Improvements in dry skin
  • Easing persistent, uncomfortable sensations of feeling chilled
  • Making hair quality look better8

Meanwhile, laboratory research has shown that chlorella may help cancer patients avoid illness and other infections while they’re being treated for cancer.9

And, in the future, extracts from these superfoods may help make mainstream cancer treatments more effective. An international study indicates that phycocyanin can be used in conjunction with photodynamic therapy (the application of lasers against cancer) to make cancer cells more vulnerable. The phycocyanin does this by generating an increased number of destructive free radicals in cancer cells when the lasers hit them.10

The researchers also note that phycocyanin is non-toxic, unlike the pharmaceutical compounds that are used in anti-cancer laser therapy.

As I pointed out before, these natural superfoods far surpass anything chemists can cook up in the lab without nature’s help. Could be the Aztecs were on to something.

If yet another supplement sounds ho-hum, supposing I tell you about the most amazing cancer recovery story I’ve ever seen? It was in the last issue. If you missed it, we’re running it again just below.

The Strangest Cancer Story I’ve Ever Heard

As she drifted into a coma, Anita Moorjani’s organs started to shut down. It looked like her four-year battle with cancer was finally over.

The oncologist told her husband Danny that “it’s too late to save her. It’s only a matter of hours.”

But something happened while she lay in that near-lifeless state. Something so remarkable that it changed the course of her illness and her
life. . .

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Anita was not to die after all. It wasn’t her time. She still had a purpose to fulfill on planet earth.

Never felt good enough

Growing up in Hong Kong but coming from an Indian family, rather than Chinese, Anita suffered bullying as a child. This scarred her emotionally, made her fearful of others, and prevented her from joining activities that would draw attention to herself.

As an adult, she was a free spirit and wanted to pursue her own dreams, so she found the restrictions and duties of her parents’ culture difficult to cope with.

She was expected to control her ego and not express her individuality. She would be judged harshly if she wasn’t married by a certain age. And she was told she wouldn’t find a husband if she was more popular, smart or successful than he was.

In both childhood and as an adult, she never felt good enough or deserving enough. At different times she felt powerless, worthless and flawed.

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma

When she was 42, her best friend and a member of her husband’s family – both about the same age as Anita – died of cancer. This became one of the biggest fears of her own life.

Tragically, her premonitions were well-founded. Within a year, in 2002, a lump appeared on her right shoulder. She was diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It had spread into her chest and underarm area but was contained in her upper body.

Reluctant to undergo conventional therapy, she looked to different systems of alternative medicine. But this just made her stressed and confused, because (as many of us have found) they contained so many conflicting messages about what to eat.

Not knowing what was good or bad for her, she became afraid to eat anything. Her health deteriorated as anger, dread, frustration, and desperation took hold.

She tried faith healing, prayer, meditation, energy-healing, yoga, Chinese herbal medicine and more, but without success. Her cancer continued to get worse.

Eventually, lesions broke out all over her body, her digestive system stopped absorbing nutrients and her muscles broke down. By 2006 her cancer had progressed to stage 4B, and she needed a wheelchair and oxygen tank. It seemed her struggle was soon to end.

No hope of recovery

As she lay comatose in the hospital for what would surely be the last time, Anita was surprised to hear the oncologist telling Danny there was no hope of recovery. Why were her husband and mother so upset? She felt absolutely fine. In fact, she had never felt so good.

She was fully aware of everything that was happening around her, of what everyone was saying and doing, but couldn’t communicate. Her voice and physical body wouldn’t respond. Yet she felt wonderful.

Anita was having a near death experience (NDE).

“I felt free, liberated and magnificent. Every pain, ache, sadness, and sorrow was gone! I felt completely unencumbered. I couldn’t recall feeling this way before – not ever.”

As she moved deeper into this state, she says, “Love, joy, ecstasy and awe poured into me, through me and engulfed me. The feeling of complete, pure, unconditional love was unlike anything I’d known before. Unqualified and nonjudgmental.”

Now that Anita understood the magnificence of her true self and that her physical body was a reflection of her internal state, she chose to go back to life. She “knew” that her body would recover in days, and the doctors would be unable to find a trace of cancer.

The impossible happens

And so it was. She left the intensive care unit in three days. Five weeks later, she walked unaided out of the hospital.

Later that year, she was contacted by an American oncologist, Dr. Peter Ko, who had a particular interest in spontaneous remissions. He spoke with her at length as well as with her family physician. He also waded through her three-inch-thick medical file.

He sent a report together with questions to cancer institutes around the world. None had any case on record to compare with Anita’s. Nor could they answer the questions that puzzled Dr. Ko.

He was baffled by how failing organs could spring back to healthy life.

He was astonished that tumors the size of lemons – located from the base of her skull, neck and armpits, down to her chest and abdomen — could reduce by nearly three-fourths in a matter of days.

What’s more, a sudden die-off of cancer cells would normally flood a patient with toxins and cause a reaction, possibly a fatal one. How could billions of Anita’s cells vanish while organs were failing – with no ill effect?

He was astounded that skin lesions, destined for reconstructive surgery when she was stronger, quickly healed themselves without medical attention.

He could not answer these questions. Nor could anyone else in his profession.

The cause and cure of her cancer

Anita believes that fear gave her cancer. It’s an astonishing idea for most people, but there you have it.

She was afraid of failing, letting people down, being disliked, not being good enough. She feared illness, especially cancer, and its treatment. She lived with underlying feelings of inferiority. She had low self-worth. She felt undeserving.

“I was afraid of living and I was terrified of dying.”

So what is her own explanation for her recovery? It isn’t a medical one.

While undergoing her near death experience, she was able to let go of fear. This allowed her to express her own magnificence as a beautiful child of the universe (her words, not mine), capable of self-love and deserving of unconditional love by her very existence. There was nothing to do except be her true self.

The NDE allowed her true spirit to shine through. In a state of pure awareness, where all previously held beliefs and dogmas were suspended, she was able to see herself and the universe as one and the same. Her experience or revelation enabled universal energy to take over, for her body to ‘reset’ itself, and for healing to begin.

“During my NDE it felt to me that all judgment, hatred, jealousy, and fear stem from people not realizing their true greatness. Lacking awareness of our perfection keeps us feeling small and insignificant, and this goes against the natural flow of life-force energy – that which we really are.

“I know my only work is to be. My job here is to be myself – an expression of the love that I am – and to see the perfection in myself, others and the world around me as I continue to live in the physical plane. That’s all that any of us needs to be.

“I simply had to know with every cell of my being that I am the divine manifesting in this world and that just by being myself, I was the personification of this truth.”

Whether we accept Anita’s explanation for her recovery, put it down to divine intervention, just accept it as a miracle, or as a scientific phenomenon that we don’t yet understand, her message is a powerful one.

It’s a message that can allow us to lead more purposeful and joyous lives, and reduce the chances of developing any serious illness, including cancer.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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