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Two Doctors Say Herbal Formula Makes Tumors Disappear

By Lee Euler / October 19, 2014

Was she brave or irresponsible? You be the judge.

Rosy Daniel, a UK doctor and former medical director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care), certainly stuck her head above the parapet when she hired a public relations company to stir up as much publicity as possible for an herbal cancer remedy.

She must have known she would be denounced by her medical colleagues, especially with a news release entitled “Has Rosy Daniel Found the Herbal Cure for Cancer?” and using phrases such as:

“makes tumors disappear”

“walking miracles….have stunned the medical world”

“For the first time in 20 years I have a medicine that I believe will make a difference.”

“finally found a herbal medicine which can be a lifesaver.”

She didn’t have to wait long for the fallout.

Professor Robert Souhami, executive director of Cancer Research UK, said “The idea that this is a substitute for proper intervention is laughable. She’s talking a kind of bad science.”

Of course, as a reader of Cancer Defeated, you’re used to mainstream doctors leveling charges like that, so let’s take a look at what Dr. Daniel found. . .

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Drink This and Cancer

Comes Pouring Out of Your Body

“If I could pick only one treatment to cure my cancer, this would be it,” says a top expert on alternative cancer treatments.

Research conducted by a scientist at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research showed this is one of the world’s most powerful cancer cures. Even the mainstream National Cancer Institute confirmed that this do-it-yourself treatment kills cancer cells. Then they buried the research.

Personally, I’ve been writing about cancer treatments for almost ten years. Out of nearly 400 that I’ve investigated, I haven’t found an at-home treatment that’s better.

It worked for Robert, age 54, who had late stage stomach cancer. His doctors told him he didn’t have a chance. The most they could do was buy him a little time, using four aggressive chemotherapy drugs PLUS radiation — a deadly, toxic, last-ditch treatment.

INSTEAD Robert used this non-toxic liquid and was completely cancer-free within months. The amazed doctor was forced to admit Robert’s cancer was “in remission.” Two years later, he was still cancer-free.

Click the link below to watch an important video presentation about this discovery…

Click here and watch an important video presentation about this discovery.

Her critics have sure left no doubt about where they stand.

Dr Rob Stein, consultant medical oncologist at University College London Hospital said, “People who make huge claims and fail to collect the data are irresponsible.”

The most scathing attack came from Edzard Ernst, former Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter and currently a Fellow of The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

He believed the theory behind it was implausible and unproven. He said “giving hope on false pretences is cruel and unethical.” He described the remedy as bogus.

Of course the good professor has been a thorn in the side of alternative medicine for years. He similarly describes other cancer treatments such as the Gerson diet, laetrile, Essiac and mistletoe extract as bogus remedies. He was quoted in a Reuters article saying that backers of such therapies are snake oil salesmen who push them with no scientific basis.

However as far as Dr Daniel is concerned she is “on the side of the patient. That’s the bottom line, even though doctors might want to hang me and burn me as a witch.”

That’s why she was prepared to endure such condemnation from her colleagues.

‘Terminal’ patients experience
remarkable recoveries

What is this elixir that motivated Dr. Daniel to take such risks with her reputation? It’s an herbal formula called Carctol. Here are some examples of her “walking miracles.”

One of the first of her patients to be prescribed Carctol was Gillian, diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer with metastasis to the liver. Given only 3 months to live, she had been helped by a range of complementary therapies but could not make further progress.

Following treatment with Carctol, she had greater energy and a calmer mind. Her liver cleared, blood count improved and after four and a half years the mass in her pelvis became a cyst. Ten years later her blood levels of CA125 – a substance produced by ovarian cancer cells – became normal for the first time. Today she is a picture of health.

Another patient, Gwen, was in her late 70s when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her consultant told her to go home as conventional doctors had little to offer. Two-and-a-half years after being prescribed Carctol, scans showed no sign of the tumor.

Eighteen months later, Dr Daniel said: “Untreated pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers, as usual prognosis is three to six months. It’s astounding that Gwen is still alive today four years later.”

Stephen suffered secondary melanoma. There were deposits on his skin, neck, lungs and spleen. Seven months after beginning Carctol, his scans were all clear. Dr Daniel said: “The prognosis with medically untreated melanoma is usually three to six months and disappearance of melanoma metastases is virtually unheard of. Stephen’s case has shocked the medical world.”

Over 30 years of successful use in India

Carctol is a combination of eight Indian herbs: Blepharis edulis (seeds), Piper cubeba Linn (seeds), Smilax china Linn (roots), Hemidesmus indicus (roots), Tribulus terrestris (seeds), Ammani vesicatoria (plant), Lepidium sativum Lin (seeds), and Rheumemodi wall (roots).

The formula was created by Dr Nandlal Tiwari from Jaipur, Rajashan, India. Dr Tiwani comes from a long line of Ayurvedic practitioners of natural and holistic medicine. Ayurveda (science of life), which originated in India, is one of the world’s oldest systems of medicine. Dr. Tiwani gathered information from the tribes of the Assam forests and developed the remedy through their knowledge and his experimentation.

He has now been seeing cancer patients for over 30 years and has treated over 10,000 of them with the remedy.

He reports that records kept on 1,900 patients deemed beyond medical help found a quarter reported 75-100% improvement in their condition while 30% saw a 50-75% improvement, and a quarter saw little or no benefit. Definition of benefit is more energy, recovery of appetite, weight gain, feeling calmer and a general improvement in well-being.

Dr Daniel traveled to India to meet him. She became convinced after speaking with a dozen former patients who were told their condition was terminal, but were given the all clear after following treatment with Dr Tiwani’s protocols.

Dr Daniel reports similar results in her own practice. She looks for benefits in the first two months of treatment. If none appear, Carctol is discontinued.

Although none of the eight herbs in the formula necessarily has any direct anti-cancer properties, the combination is claimed “to produce unexpected remarkable recoveries.” The precise anti-cancer mechanism is unknown.

An acid-removing herbal detox

Carctol is said to help change the body from an acidic to a more alkaline environment (a feature of many successful non-toxic alternative cancer treatments). It also strengthens the immune system, supports kidney and liver function, helps with digestion and weight gain, calms the nervous system, and if used in conjunction with chemotherapy, helps reduce its toxic effects.

Dr Tiwani says it helps remove acids from the body, and Dr Daniel thinks of it as an herbal detox remedy that pushes the bowels, liver and kidneys to excrete. She prescribes it to patients both before and after chemotherapy.

Dr Tiwani also indicated that Carctol yields excellent results when used with conventional drugs. He says it extends lifespan and provides a better quality of life.

Carctol capsules are taken by mouth four times a day. It is never used alone but must be accompanied by an alkaline (mainly vegetarian) diet with no sour, acidic foods or drinks. (In other words avoid the typical American diet). Throughout the day, the patient must drink at least three liters of cold water that has first been boiled, and must take a digestive enzyme supplement along with Carctol.

Zero scientific support

Although Dr Daniel has been prescribing Carctol since 2000, we could find no scientific data to support her claims or those of Dr. Tawani. Apparently no experimental or controlled studies have been conducted. All the information is based on the experience of these two practitioners.

Furthermore, since Dr Daniel believes in an integrated approach, all her patients who reportedly responded well to Carctol were also using a range of other therapies that may have included acupuncture, spiritual healing, visualization, meditation, nutritional supplements, laetrile and more.

In response to this she states that only once she began prescribing Carctol did she witness dramatically improved results.

Because there are so many alternative approaches that have a long history of success, many of which have been well researched and are utilized by holistic oncologists, it’s difficult to recommend a remedy that has no research behind it and is used by so few doctors. That isn’t to say it isn’t helpful, it may well be, but it’s hard to know for sure.

Currently Carctol is used mainly by about 15 holistic doctors in the UK. It is classed as an unlicensed medicine and can only be prescribed by doctors if they believe it will benefit the patient.

Further information is available on the official Carctol website

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