Banned Malaria Cure Brings New Hope for Cancer Patients

Banned Malaria Cure Brings New Hope for Cancer Patients about undefined

Whilst prospecting for gold deep in the jungles of Guyana, South America, Jim Humble had no idea he would return from that 1996 trip to spend a year in scientific research and then devote the best part of the next two decades to teaching other people a new protocol for overcoming multiple health disorders.

By 2006, thanks to his discovery, more than 75,000 people had been totally cured of malaria, and many more have used it since to treat almost every disease imaginable, including cancer.

He calls his remedy Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS).

Stabilized Oxygen provides the clue

Before leaving for Guyana, Humble took several bottles of Stabilized Oxygen with him to sterilize his drinking water. He didn't pack malaria medicine because he was assured the area was safe from infectious mosquitoes.

However, when a few of his crew came down with the disease, in a place that was several days away from medical help, Humble gave the men a hefty dose of the Stabilized Oxygen. As it killed pathogens in water, he figured it might help if ingested.

Within four hours, his men’s headaches, aching muscles and joints, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea were gone. Two more men started having malaria symptoms the following day. They too were quickly healed.

Humble went on to treat many sick people he came across on his travels, curing malaria with the Stabilized Oxygen solution in seven cases out of ten.

Although not a scientist, he had some knowledge of metals chemistry and the methods used for conducting tests, acquired in the course of over two decades working as a research engineer in the aerospace industry.

A health pioneer early on

Humble had also managed a popular health food store in Los Angeles in the 1950s – early days for that sort of thing! -- and developed a patient questionnaire that was taken up by most other health stores in the area and utilized by many health practitioners.

Clearly, he was more adventurous than most people when it came to health solutions. He also knew how to successfully treat back pain by gently adjusting people's necks. In short, his background made him very curious as to the means by which Stabilized Oxygen cured malaria.

After much research and more than a thousand tests, he discovered that the active ingredient in Stabilized Oxygen was not oxygen, as everyone believed, but chlorine dioxide (ClO2). (Note, this is not the same and reacts quite differently from chlorine itself. Elemental chlorine is a gas, Cl2.)

Humble realized Stabilized Oxygen couldn't overcome every case of malaria because its ClO2 content wasn't strong enough.

By taking two separate compounds - sodium chlorite (as distinct from sodium chloride, which is table salt) plus an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice - and combining them, he could make a much stronger and faster acting solution of chlorine dioxide.

His ultimate formula – the “Magic Mineral Solution” or MMS -- is therefore sodium chlorite added to an acid activator to produce chlorine dioxide gas, which is then dissolved in water.

A proven cure for malaria

A doctor in Tanzania, East Africa heard about the remedy and was willing to try it. In a letter to Humble he wrote, "...amazingly all malaria symptoms disappeared within 2 - 5 hours...up to the moment I have successfully managed to treat 30 patients."1

Confirmation of its power to cure comes from 50 patients in Uganda, East Africa. They all tested positive for malaria in blood tests, but then negative after treatment. The same held true for ten inmates of a prison in Malawi in the same region of Africa.2

But even more convincing evidence comes from a trial carried out in 2012 in the Luuka district of Uganda under the auspices of the Uganda Red Cross and an organization affiliated with the International Red Cross called the Water Reference Center.

Hundreds of people turned up for testing after a plea through radio broadcasts for volunteers. Of these, 154 tested positive for malaria. This was followed by a second blood test to count the number of parasites.

After being given a single dose of MMS, 143 subjects tested negative after 24 hours. The remaining 11 were given a second dose, after which they too tested negative. The doctors were reportedly rendered "shocked and speechless" by the results.

Klaas Proesmans, CEO of the Water Reference Center, said, "All in all, 100% cured people [in] less than 5 days all within 24 hours to 48 hours. That asks for further investigation."3

But there has been no further investigation.

Even though malaria kills over a million people a year, half of whom are children, the International Red Cross chose not only to withhold the findings of this trial, but later denied it had even taken place. Readers can judge the truth for themselves by watching footage taken during the four days of the trial.4

FDA Issues a serious health warning

In the early 2000s Humble sent emails to the US President, the FDA, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and various humanitarian organizations about what MMS could accomplish, but to no avail. He even signed a non-disclosure agreement with the World Health Organization, which reported that it failed tests conducted on mice.

Unable to get any genuine help, he decided to go public with his discovery by writing an ebook in 2006 which he gave away for free.

By 2010 many vendors were selling MMS, and huge numbers of people were experimenting with the remedy for almost every disorder one can think of.

The health authorities decided it was time to act.

An urgent statement put out by the FDA proclaimed, "The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health. Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away."

In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (the equivalent of America’s FDA) said that MMS had "no provable or conceivable health benefits."

Hefin Davies of the UK Food Standards Agency went further and added, "Given what the product actually is - bleach - we would expect people to be sick."

In 2011 The FDA carried out an armed raid on the home of one MMS vendor. He was subsequently charged and convicted of violations of food and drug laws. He was sent to prison in 2015 and has only recently been released.

Harmless to humans

In reality, MMS when used as directed is 7000 times weaker than the FDA claimed and had already been tested for safety in humans by researchers at Ohio State University in 1982.

Each day, test subjects drank half a liter of water containing 2½ mg of chlorine dioxide for 12 weeks. It was found to be completely safe.5 (A daily maintenance dose of MMS releases 3 mg of chlorine dioxide).

Hungarian scientists from the University of Budapest wrote in the journal PloS One that there is "selectivity of ClO2 between humans and bacteria.

"Besides antibacterial and antifungal properties, ClO2 also shows strong antiviral activity....And it inactivates practically all microbes.

"Chlorine dioxide is a size-selective antimicrobial agent which can kill micron sized organisms rapidly but cannot make real harm to much larger organisms like animals or humans as it is not able to penetrate deeply into their living tissues."6

The most powerful pathogen killer known

For over a century, chlorine dioxide has achieved acceptance as a killer of pathogens and is used in many industrial processes and public water supplies throughout the world.

It is authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in food processing and by the FDA for washing fruits and vegetables, eliminating pathogens, viruses and bacteria, and sanitizing meat.

In 1999, the American Society of Analytical Chemists described chlorine dioxide as "the most powerful pathogen killer known to man."

Dr. Christopher Doona is a senior research chemist with the US Army and developer of a device that safely generates gaseous chlorine dioxide for in-the-field military use.

He provided information for the US Army website. It says:

" important exponent of ClO2 is its versatility as a disinfectant suitable for any industry, ranging from textiles, medicine, wastewater treatment and public health, to food safety, personal hygiene, and household uses.

"ClO2 can be activated in small or large quantities and in varying strength levels from potent enough to sterilize medical instruments to mild enough to use in toothpaste to fight off germs in the mouth."

It goes on to say that "no organism tested against ClO2 has proved resistant."7

Dr. Doona recognizes that, in a weak form, chlorine dioxide can be used to kill bacteria in the mouth. Jim Humble's contribution has been the discovery that this potent killer of pathogens can also be used in dilute form for internal use to safely treat human diseases.

How does MMS work?

In the case of viruses, MMS is believed to prevent them from forming proteins they need to survive and grow.

But for almost everything else, MMS acts as a highly selective, powerful, yet safe oxidizer (a substance that removes electrons from a compound). Unlike ozone, for instance -- the strongest oxidizer known -- or hydrogen peroxide, ClO2 is able to quickly tear off five electrons from a pathogen, pulling it apart and destroying it. (Ozone and hydrogen peroxide only remove two electrons, which limits their kill ability).8

Chlorine dioxide also has a low electrical charge or oxidizing strength/potential. Ozone has an oxidizing strength of 2.07 volts. That means ozone can oxidize anything below this charge. It will attack pathogens, but it will also damage healthy body tissues.

The oxidizing potential of ClO2 is a mere 0.95 volts.9 It will destroy pathogens in the recommended doses but not harm healthy cells.

Humble also believes MMS will oxidize diseased cells and any foreign matter poisonous to the body.

MMS may also oxidize heavy metals, as suggested by before and after tests carried out on hair roots. Metals such as lead and mercury no longer appeared in the hair after taking MMS. As Humble himself says, this type of test may not be totally accurate but is a good indicator that MMS is reacting with these damaging metals.10

Swimming pool chlorine

In 2009 Humble introduced a second oxidizer to aid healing called calcium hypochlorite (MMS2), also known as swimming pool chlorine.

When added to water it becomes hypochlorous acid. The body produces this itself, in limited amounts, to kill pathogens of all kinds throughout the body. Humble reasoned that if it is so powerful, yet restricted, why not help the body by supplying it with a bit more?

While MMS is always the first port of call, MMS2 can be used in addition to aid recovery from more serious health issues, according to Humble.

Can MMS overcome cancer?

Judging by the huge numbers of written and video testimonials, MMS does appear to help cancer sufferers recover their health (I have no firsthand experience with it, and it is not used in clinical settings by the dozens of alternative and integrative cancer doctors we’ve interviewed).

For myself, I like to stick to protocols that I know a doctor has used successfully and repeatedly in a clinical setting. At the same time, I can understand why a desperate stage 4 cancer patient with little money might turn to MMS. I would do the same myself.

No independent human or even lab studies have been carried out so we can only speculate as to MMS’s mechanism in the body.

Viral infections are thought to contribute to as much as one-fifth of all human cancers. Bacteria and parasites are also known to have roles in cancer formation. There are quite a few writers on unconventional cancer treatments who fervently believe in a type of microbe called a pleomorphic organism. Pleomorphs are said to enter a cell and turn it cancerous. Another hypothesis – to which I’m more sympathetic -- is that cancer is a fungus.

Whatever the truth is, all of these concepts involve pathogens that could be destroyed by a powerful antimicrobial agent, which MMS is. The only question for me, really, is whether it’s safe to take internally a substance that’s basically an industrial disinfectant.

I can’t help you much with that question, except to point out that lot of people have tried it and liked it. . .

Glowing testimonies

  • The 83-year-old woman with aggressive breast cancer spread to the bones is given the all clear.
  • The prostate cancer patient whose PSA went from 43.5 to 1.2 (normal).
  • A man with lung cancer. Six months later a PET scan shows no tumors.
  • A woman with stage 3 colon cancer is totally free of disease after three months.
  • A man in his 50s with pancreatic cancer and a mass the size of a grapefruit, told he would not live more than a few more weeks, remains alive five years later.

These are just a snapshot of the hundreds of people who have provided testimonials. Please realize anyone can put anything on the internet. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of these amazing reports.

While reports about MMS in the mainstream media have been universally negative, there has been one exception. A program broadcast on a national television station in Chile was full of praise.

The show featured a woman who appeared to be glowing with health, yet just a few months earlier had been thin, weak, and close to death from metastasized peritoneal cancer. Less than two months after taking MMS her scan showed she was tumor free.

The program also spotlighted a man who recovered from gastric cancer spread to the liver.

Although dietary changes and several other natural therapies were used by the patients, there's little doubt that it was MMS that made all the difference.

Even a medical doctor who uses integrative therapies appeared on the show to explain how MMS worked.11

How to take MMS

MMS appears to be safe even in therapeutic doses. After acting as an oxidant it leaves behind only water, oxygen and a tiny amount of salt. However, if too much is taken it can cause nausea and sickness from waste products expelled into the bloodstream.

To take it safely and effectively, a specific starting procedure is recommended, followed by various protocols that depend on the health problem being treated.

Some protocols require taking MMS by other routes besides the mouth. Various foods, drinks and supplements cannot be ingested at the same time as MMS, and some health conditions require MMS2, DMSO and other natural remedies.

Jim Humble has written an ebook/paperback which provides detailed information.12

Best regards,

Lee Euler,


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