Don’t Hesitate to Play the Cancer Card!

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(This is the first of two articles about the 2018 Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.)

At this year’s Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, an energy medicine expert and cancer consultant named Area Brier spoke about her own struggle with cancer and how she discovered a silver bullet during that dark time.

When she was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 doctors and others were telling her she had to do everything they recommended. They were trying to pressure her and hustle her into the conventional treatments.

During that stressful time, the silver bullet she discovered was her own inner guidance system — her intuition. Ms. Brier believes everyone has the intuition to sense the way forward. She gave the crowd some examples of listening to this inner voice.

One of the most intriguing things she said was, “Don’t hesitate to play the cancer card.” This is what she meant. . .

“Never hesitate to play the cancer card”

When you’re dealing with cancer, you should feel free to lean on people for favors. That’s one way to play what Ms. Brier calls the “cancer card.” In other words, never hesitate to say, “I’m dealing with cancer right now, and I need some help from you. Could you please help me [fill in the blank]?” She said, “Most people want to help you. Let them!”

The other way to play the cancer card is to avoid spending time with negative people. If you’d prefer to avoid certain people, Brier suggested putting them “on hold” by saying something like this: “You know what? I’m dealing with cancer, and I really can’t be with you right now. Would you let me circle back and reconnect with you in six months?” That sounds better than saying, “Get out of my life.”

How to make your intuition work for you

When she was first diagnosed, Ms. Brier was as scared as the typical cancer patient, but she relied on her intuition rather than pressure from doctors when she chose to undergo surgery to remove the toxic mass that was overburdening her immune system. She felt the surgery was right for her and she would do it again.

To her regret, however, she endured five days of radiation, which she would never do again! When her intuition made her fully realize that the radiation was hurting her rather than helping, she quit the treatments.

Her doctor fired her

Ms. Brier also took a chemo drug for a month, but she stopped that as well because her intuition told her it wasn’t right for her. One doctor even fired her for being a “bad” patient. (As you may know, it’s good to be a “bad” patient: a patient who asks questions and who doesn’t blindly submit to every doctor-recommended treatment.)

She calls that firing a “blessing” because the doctor who fired her “was the king, and I was the peon.”

As an aside, let me point out that oncologists who prescribe exorbitantly expensive chemo drugs — some of which cost $10,000 a month or more — often have a conflict of interest that should never exist in the practice of medicine. The drug companies sell these drugs directly to the oncologist for half off, and the oncologist bills the patient’s insurance company for the full amount, pocketing the difference.

Oncologists who follow this practice typically treat the patients in their own offices and aren’t doing it under the auspices of a hospital. About half of their income comes from chemo profits. No wonder so many of them push chemo! Some of them even get huffy and rude with patients who quit chemo.

A doctor should give you what you need

Ms. Brier urged the cancer patients in the audience to “fire any doctor who’s not supportive and helpful.” She said that when a patient finds a good doctor, the patient should make it clear to the doctor that “I need you to be here for ME!”

Ms. Brier took charge of her health as she looked for a path to healing. In addition to her main silver bullet, intuition, she found other silver bullets, such as faith and hope, a good attitude, purpose, inner peace, and the social support of family and community.

She also found one of the most powerful natural anti-cancer remedies, Haelan 951, which is a fermented soy product that has beaten some of the ugliest cancers. She emphasized that there’s a world of difference between soy and fermented soy. Soy is a controversial topic because it contains plant estrogens that resemble human estrogens and, according to its critics, is equivalent to dosing with a female hormone.

But fermented soy is entirely different and has important medicinal powers, as Cancer Defeated has independently confirmed.

Ms. Brier was among the first to talk about the bad effects of soy, but she declared that fermented soy helps promote good health.

She also discovered the benefits of infrared heat therapy (mild hyperthermia) and has become a big fan of the BioMat. The BioMat, which comes in various sizes, is an affordable infrared heat device that many cancer patients and others buy for home use. (Although I’ve never had cancer, I bought a full-size BioMat and a BioMat Mini from a friendly distributor named Joyce Carrington, email:

Ms. Brier also knew she had to do something to control her stress because stress causes cortisol to rise. Chronic high cortisol is a pathway to disease. One practice she found particularly helpful is a Japanese energy healing protocol called Jin Shin Jyutsu. She led the audience in a Jin Shin Jyutsu relaxation and breathing exercise and said she has seen miraculous results from this practice. Brier’s website is

Can cancer save your life?

Another speaker, Dr. Jane Goldberg, gave a provocative talk about the most ignored aspect of disease: the fact that a disease can save a patient’s life if the patient understands that it may be a life-saving clue.

For instance, take a tumor. Dr. Goldberg pointed out that tumors are merely a symptom of an imbalance, which indicates a chronic, degenerative disease. Instead of allowing garbage to circulate throughout your body, a tumor is the body’s attempt to concentrate and segregate the garbage in your body so the garbage is isolated from your healthy cells and tissues.

In other words, the tumor, which most people regard as a disease, is actually trying to preserve the patient’s life and wellbeing. Doctors who merely try to get rid of the tumor, without lifting a finger to address the imbalance that caused the tumor to grow, do a disservice to their patients. No wonder so many tumors grow back after doctors declare, “We got it all.”

Dr. Goldberg also had a few words about aging. . .

“70 is the new 50!”

To achieve the goal of enjoying a vibrant state of health at age 70 and an active life, it’s obviously necessary to get rid of, or avoid, chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

One thing that can sabotage your health is poor sleep. Yet many people find it harder to get a good, refreshing night of sleep as they age. Dr. Goldberg, who runs a spa in New York City and another in Puerto Rico, made the startling statement, “An hour in a float room equals five hours of sleep.” I’d never heard of a float room, so I looked it up.

A float room isn’t really a room, though it seems like one when you’re in it. It’s a device that fits inside a room: a mini-chamber with ten inches of heavily mineralized water, like the water in the Dead Sea. During a one-hour session in a float room, sound and light are phased out, allowing your body to enter a profound state of relaxation as you float in the magnesium-rich water without effort. (If you’ve ever floated in the Dead Sea, you know that it’s impossible to sink!)

While you could have a float room installed in your home, they’re expensive. A simple model costs about $12,000. But the basic ingredient of the water in a float room is Epsom salt, which is dirt cheap!

According to Dr. Goldberg, “You can turn your bathtub into a mini-ocean by simply adding Epsom salts to the water. Epsom salts are one of the all-time greatest detoxifiers, and help to draw impurities to the surface of the skin. After the bath, take a dry skin brush and brush vigorously to remove the dead skin cells and the toxins that these cells now hold.”

Dr. Goldberg said that spending an hour in an ordinary bath tub with Epsom salts “equals a three-day fast.” I wish she’d elaborated on that. She must have been referring to the general health benefits of fasting.

Health tips from Spain’s Budwig Center

Another speaker, Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, N.D., the founder of the Budwig Center in Malaga, Spain, agreed with Dr. Goldberg that Epsom salt baths are beneficial. He also mentioned another health tip with outstanding benefits. He said, “Bouncing for five minutes on a trampoline is worth 50 minutes of jogging.” A mini-trampoline – called a rebounder -- for home use is inexpensive, and most people enjoy bouncing.

One of the big benefits of bouncing on a trampoline is lymphatic drainage, which is essential for detoxification. Indeed, the only way to move lymphatic fluid is through exercise or massage because the lymphatic system has no pump.

But you don’t need to bounce high on the trampoline and “get air” for the lymphatic benefits. A naturopathic physician once told me that gentle bouncing while your feet remain in contact with the trampoline is enough to drain lymphatic fluid and carry the waste products away.

Of course, the main feature of the Budwig Center is the eating plan developed by the legendary Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany. Dr. Budwig’s eating plan builds up the body while killing cancer cells by the millions. The centerpiece of this eating plan is a mixture of cottage cheese and fresh flaxseed oil. It’s a surprisingly potent anti-cancer remedy.

Dr. Jenkins pointed out that the late Dr. Budwig took 600 terminal cancer patients under her care. Doctors had given up on these patients and sent them home to get their affairs in order. Dr. Jenkins said Dr. Budwig had “tremendous success” with these patients: a success rate of 90 percent.

Dr. Jenkins cautioned the audience to avoid many common household products because of toxicity. He asserted that basic non-toxic products like white vinegar and baking soda can replace a wide variety of products that have cancer-causing chemicals. He also cautioned against drinking liquids out of plastic bottles because the nasty chemicals in the plastic find their way into the liquid. “Use glass instead,” he recommended.

GMO stands for “God, Move Over!”

Avoid Frankenfoods, warned Dr. Jenkins. These GMO foods are bad for your health. Even though GMO stands for “genetically modified organism,” Dr. Jenkins offered a more apt description for GMO: “God, Move Over!” The audience laughed in agreement.

While many people today are brainwashed that sunlight is bad for you because it supposedly causes cancer, Dr. Jenkins rejects that view and says, “No tan lotion or sunglasses!” He recommends regular exposure to direct sunlight to promote the production of vitamin D in your body. Slathering sunscreen on your skin blocks this benefit, not to mention that many or most sunscreens contain harmful chemicals.

It’s worth noting that 100 years ago nine people out of ten worked outdoors, nobody used sunscreen, and skin cancer was rare. Today nine people out of ten work inside, sunscreen is heavily used, and skin cancer is common.

Dr. Jenkins proclaimed, “The sicker you are, the more you need to be outside!” I’ve never visited his Budwig center in warm, sunny Spain, but the founder of the top Budwig center in Germany told me that his cancer patients are encouraged to be outside all day long if possible. What’s more, they’re required to go for a walk, appropriately dressed, after they come in for lunch and dinner — even if it’s raining or snowing outside!

The website for Dr. Jenkins’s Budwig Center in Spain is

For more details about the remarkably effective and inexpensive Budwig cancer cure, including life-saving therapies you can easily do at home, I recommend that you read the chapter about Germany’s top Budwig center (the “3E Center”) in the third edition of my book German Cancer BreakthroughClick here.

Burn the past to heal from cancer!

If you want to overcome cancer, you have to make some changes in your life — perhaps major changes. Cancer consultant Carolyn Guilford gave a speech called “Burn the past to rewire the brain for healing.”

The first time she had to change her life was when she broke up with a man she thought was the key to her future. He was older and financially well off, so she believed he could take care of her. But he turned out to be an abusive liar.

Ms. Guilford decided it was necessary to burn the past in order to heal. So she assembled all of the objects she had accumulated that reminded her of the failed relationship, placed them in an old metal garbage can with newspapers and kerosene, and had a bonfire. It drew a crowd and caused laughter when onlookers learned what it was about. The more expensive items were salvaged for charity. The rest burned to ash.

Keep an eye out for Part II of Andrew Scholberg’s report in the next issue.

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