New home protocol for a healthy colon

New home protocol for a healthy colon about undefined

by Andrew Scholberg

This is the second of two reports about Ty Bollinger's 2017 "The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]" conference at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The views of the speakers are not necessarily those of Cancer Defeated or Lee Euler.

If the old adage that "death begins in the colon" is true, then restoring the health of the gut is the path to recovery from disease, including cancer. Dr. Robert Scott Bell spoke about "Gut Health, the Microbiome, and Cancer."

Dr. Bell explained to the Truth About Cancer audience that gut health is of the utmost importance because the gastro-intestinal tract is the seed of the immune system: "When you're trying to recover from a disease, the immune system is everything."

The 19th century French biologist Antoine Beauchamp pioneered the concept that health or disease is determined by the body's bioterrain (in other words, the body's inner environment or milieu). A properly functioning gut depends on the health of the microbiome within the intestines. The microbiome is the collection of bacteria and other microbes.

How do you maintain a healthy microbiome, or recover it if you've lost it? Keep reading. . .

It's easy to disrupt the balance of the microbiome with vaccines, antibiotics, additives, preservatives, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. This disruption often leads to "leaky gut syndrome."

Dr. Bell said, "If you have allergies, you have a leaky gut. That's because allergies are hyper-immune responses to triggers in the environment that a person with no leaky gut doesn't react to. Allergens don't cause allergies. It's the hyper-immunity."

Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) are the remedy for gut disruptors such as antibiotics, but sometimes probiotics don't seem to work. Dr. Bell explained, "When you don't get well taking a probiotic, it's not the fault of the probiotic. It's the fault of the terrain that you're giving them (the beneficial bacteria). Their ideal home isn't in the gut. We need to restore their home. Then the probiotic will work."

Restoring the microbiome in the gut strengthens the immune system. Dr. Bell said, "If your immune system is strong, you're not getting cancer."

Key minerals for gut health are silicon or silica in a whole food form, selenium, and chromium. Organic bone broth can help repair the integrity of the gut lining.

Here's Dr. Bell's Gut-Healing Protocol:

To follow the protocol, take one to two tablespoons (a half to one ounce) of bio-active silver hydrosol with the same amount of aloe vera juice. Do this three times daily on an empty stomach for one to two weeks. Make sure you have an adequate amount of selenium to aid in excretion. Selenium also kills cancer cells directly.

But Dr. Bell cautioned against making your own colloidal silver because you can risk permanent discoloration of your skin. (A Caucasian man in California permanently turned his skin a dark shade of blue - the color of oxidized silver - by taking the wrong kind of colloidal silver on a daily basis.)

But, according to Dr. Bell, if you get the bio-active silver hydrosol, you can take it every day for the rest of your life without causing any discoloration of your skin. He recommends the Sovereign Silver brand of bio-active silver hydrosol as safe and effective. It's available from

To maintain good gut health, Dr. Bell recommended one teaspoon of the silver product a day. To boost the immune system, take one teaspoon three times a day. Cancer patients should take one teaspoon five times a day. For short-term immune support, as when you're fighting a cold or the flu, take one teaspoon seven times a day.

As for conventional medicine, Dr. Bell commented that it's dangerous for Americans to have good medical insurance because it practically guarantees you'll get death by modern medicine.

Cancer culprit exposed: dental problems

Conventional physicians who treat cancer skip the process of trying to identify its cause and instead treat symptoms. But biological dentist Stuart Nunnally from Marble Falls, Texas, explained why problems in the mouth are often linked to various cancers.

For example, a patient with advanced gum disease has a 63 percent increased risk of prostate cancer. Even moderate gum disease causes a 33 percent increase in risk of lung cancer, a 50 percent increased risk of kidney cancer, and a 30 percent increased risk of blood cancer such as leukemia.

The reason for the increased risk is because gum disease is an inflammatory state. As Dr. Nunnally said, "There's no disease that doesn't have an inflammatory component to it."

He accused his profession of poisoning its patients with mercury fillings that are deceptively called "silver fillings." The so-called silver fillings are actually 50 percent mercury, 30 percent copper, and only have a token amount of actual silver. Yet mercury is the second most toxic element known to man. (Plutonium is number one.)

Dr. Nunnally showed a video of a mercury-filled tooth under a specialized phosphorescent lamp. Incredibly, the constant off-gassing of the mercury filling made the tooth look as if it were smoking. These mercury fumes can cause neurological problems and even symptoms that resemble ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

"The mercury must come out!" he emphasized. But this removal must be done by a biological dentist who knows how to remove the metal safely. Improper removal can release even more poison into the body than leaving the mercury fillings in place.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) has a certification process for safe removal of mercury fillings. You can find a dentist through their website: You can also find a biological dentist from the website of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine:

Dangers in crowns and root canals

Dr. Nunnally pointed out that porcelain crowns often have an undercoat of nickel, another carcinogenic metal that should never be put in a patient's mouth.

The reason conventional dentists are disinclined to criticize mercury is because they've filled so many cavities with it that they're unwilling to own up to what they've done. For the same reason, conventional dentists are disinclined to say anything negative about root canals, even though it's impossible to do a root canal without creating a pocket of nasty toxicity at the base of the dead tooth. This toxicity can infect the jaw bone and migrate to other parts of the body, causing cancer.

But Dr. Nunnally said that if you have a root canal you don't necessarily need to run to a biological dentist right away to get the pocket of toxicity cleaned out. Some people seem to be able to handle the toxicity of a root canal. Cancer patients, however, should get the root canal tooth removed and have the toxicity cleaned out by a biological dentist. He said there are safe ways to replace a root canal tooth.

Dr. Nunnally made an astounding remark about a platelet treatment that's like stem cells - a treatment that can even form new bone or new gum tissue! Before hearing his remarks, I thought that receding gums were an irreversible problem, but apparently that's no longer the case. He only mentioned this revolutionary new platelet treatment in passing. I wish he'd said more about it.

Chris Wark's remarkable story

Chris Wark is a young man with an encouraging story for cancer patients. When he was 26 years old he got the shock of his life. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. During a colonoscopy doctors found a golf-ball-size tumor in his large intestine.

His doctors were in a big hurry to get him on the operating table and follow up the surgery with nine to 12 months of chemotherapy. Chris told the TTAC audience, "They use fear to motivate you to take immediate action. But the truth is, most cancer patients have plenty of time to explore treatment options and make a decision."

Chris went home to think about his life and future. He didn't like the idea of poisoning himself with chemo to get well. It didn't make sense to him. He instinctively knew that something so poisonous that it would make you feel rotten and make your hair fall out couldn't be good for him.

He prayed and asked for God's guidance. Two days later he got a book in the mail from a man who knew his dad: God's Way to Ultimate Health by George Malkmus. Mr. Malkmus cured his cancer after a friend clued him in about the importance of good nutrition. The friend told him, "You need to get on a raw food diet. Drink a bunch of carrot juice." Mr. Malkmus did, and the cure worked with no surgery or chemo. His body healed.

As Chris read the book, tears started streaming down his face because he knew it was an answer to his prayer. It wasn't the answer he expected, but he knew it was the answer for him!

His family was no help

When Chris announced his decision to his family, however, he got nothing but opposition. They told him the book wasn't an answer to his prayer, that nutrition doesn't cure cancer, and that he was wrong. They told him, "You're wrong." This discouraged Chris. They insisted that he see the oncologist, and he did so to appease the pressure from his family.

The oncologist got right to the point and told him he would die without chemotherapy. When Chris asked him about alternative therapies, he became arrogant and condescending. He told him, "If you don't do chemo, you're insane!" He continued, "And I'm not saying this because I need your business."

That was a red flag for Chris, who'd had some sales training: he recognized the doctor's tactic as the "pushaway" technique in sales. Chris found out later that oncologists in America make half or more of their income on profits from their chemo sales to patients, so the doctor may have been bluffing when he said he didn't need Chris's "business." It's quite possible that the oncologist might have needed Chris to go on chemo so he could meet the monthly payment on his boat or vacation home.

Chris had two paths before him: the conventional path and the other path. Even though his whole family was against his decision, he knew he needed to take the other path. He said it was the right path for him: "When you step out into the unknown in faith, miracles happen."

Yet he says it wasn't a courageous or brave decision. As he explained, "Courage feels exactly like fear. Nobody ever feels brave. Bravery is not a feeling. Neither is courage. Fear is the feeling. Courage is the decision to move forward in spite of the fear." He faced his fear by his faith that he was on the path to healing.

Chris gave this advice to cancer patients: "Don't look at your cancer like a curse. This is the best thing that's happened to you. It's a blessing in disguise because it's an opportunity for you to change your life. It's a divine tap on the shoulder. The message is, 'Hey, the way you're living is killing you.' It's time to change your whole life. It's time to start living like you mean it. It's time to forgive the people who've hurt you. It's time to let go of the past."

Another speaker, Dr. Rashid Buttar, affirmed the importance of forgiveness when he said, "Forgive, not because the other person deserves it, but because YOU deserve it." Indeed, forgiveness is essential for peace of mind and for healing. Negative thoughts and negative emotions raise stress levels and sabotage the healing process.

The Earth Diet cancer cure

Nine years ago, when Liana Werner-Gray was 21 years old, she hit rock bottom with her health. The experience transformed her life. Raised in Alice Springs, Australia, she admired the indigenous people for living off the land. She noted that their bodies were lean and healthy. But the eating plan in her own family was quite different. It included a steady intake of junk food.

Liana knew the junk food was hurting her, but she craved it and couldn't stop eating it. When she was 21, something just "popped" in her neck one day, and she had a lump in her throat the size of a golf ball. She had Stage 1 cancer of the lymphatic system, the Epstein-Barr virus, and her blood work indicated she was on the verge of leukemia.

She had no confidence that conventional treatment would bring back her health. Instead, her intuition told her that she needed to restore the balance in her body through nutrition.

Liana created a blog called "The Earth Diet" - an eating plan based on foods that come straight from the earth - and decided to do this diet every day for 365 days straight. The earth diet forbids refined sugar, flour, soft drinks, aspartame, and microwaved foods.

Liana learned that the fastest way to get nutrition into her body was through juicing. She visualized her recovery with this verbal formula: "Juice in. Nutrition in. Toxins out. Cancer out."

Within three months the golf-ball-size tumor in her throat had dissolved. What also amazed her was that the juicing completely repaired her gut and digestive system. Here's a simple juicing recipe she recommends. Use cucumber and celery as a base, and add more greens, such as kale, spinach, and parsley, for extra chlorophyll. If some sweetness is needed, an apple can be added. Add lemon and ginger to make it more alkaline.

Liana also recommends fresh squeezed lemon water, which is technically a juice. A handy shortcut is to squeeze enough lemon juice to fill an ice tray, and freeze it. Then, when you want to drink some lemon water, just drop a lemon-juice ice cube into a glass of water.

In addition to eating the Earth Diet, Liana did colonic hydrotherapy one day and a coffee enema for liver detox the next day, keeping up this alternating regimen for 60 days straight. She was also drinking Bentonite clay, a volcanic ash that helps the body get rid of toxins. She mixed one teaspoon of the clay in a glass of water.

Prayer and getting out in nature were also instrumental in her recovery. Liana is the author of The Earth Diet.

Beating cancer with nutrition

Keynote speaker Pat Quillin, who's a Ph.D. and the author of Beating Cancer with Nutrition, may know more about nutrition and cancer than just about anybody in America. It's a complex and controversial subject, but Dr. Quillin made everything simple and clear by focusing on the "forest" rather than the "trees."

He said one problem with the standard American diet is that we eat too much white food: sugar, potatoes, flour, and rice - a diet that's "fertilizer for cancer." Americans eat "too much, too often, and the wrong foods." As an alternative to overeating white food, he recommended "going for color." More than once he said, "Avoid fake food. If it won't sprout or rot, throw it out."

But the right eating plan, as important as it is, is only part of what it takes to beat cancer. Dr. Quillin told the crowd, "Exercise is critical! Attitude is critical!" For an example of the latter, he told a true story about how to change one's attitude. A five-year-old girl was crying while looking out a window. It was a dreary, rainy day, and she was looking at the grave of her dog, which had just died.

Her grandfather told her he wanted to show her something and took her by the hand to a different window where her favorite flower, a rose, was blooming. He encouraged her to be of good cheer and said, "You were just looking out the wrong window."

 Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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