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Remarkable lost cancer cure revealed at conference about undefined

by Andrew Scholberg

This is the first of two reports on Ty Bollinger’s 2017 “The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]” conference at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The views of the speakers, reported here, are not necessarily those of Cancer Defeated or Lee Euler.

Ty Bollinger and his wife opened the conference by telling their remarkable story. Before they got married, there was no history of cancer in Ty’s family. But shortly after their wedding, several family members died of cancer in quick succession.

These deaths prompted Ty to search for a better way to treat cancer. His conference, “The Truth about Cancer [LIVE],” presented almost everything from A to Z about how to cure cancer without chemo or radiation.

One treatment was mentioned so many times, it emerged as a major theme of the conference – and a possible healing miracle. . .

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I was struck by the number of speakers who mentioned or recommended some form of fasting for cancer patients. The neglected and forgotten practice of fasting as a cure for diseases, including cancer, came up again and again.

Dr. Edward Group devoted an entire year to the study of fasting. In Orlando he delivered a speech that was the distilled essence of what he’d learned. The title of his talk was “Fasting: The Healing Miracle.”

Dr. Group declared, “Water-only fasting is probably the most cost-effective method of healing in the world.” Because fasting is mentioned in the Bible over 40 times, he called it “God’s original medicine.”

He pointed out that when animals are sick, they instinctively fast. Yet Americans today are programmed that it’s necessary to eat three meals a day even during illness or they’re at risk for hunger and starvation.

Things were different in the 1800s and early 1900s, a time when sick Americans flocked to the spas located at various springs in New York, Florida, and elsewhere. Typically, patients would spend a week at the spring soaking in the water, drinking large quantities of it, and fasting.

After a week-long fast, the typical patient was healthier. Many cures were reported, and the word-of-mouth advertising drew more sick people to the healing waters.

“Renewal for body, mind and soul”

Dr. Group pointed out that digestion uses an enormous amount of the body’s energy. When digestion is shut down, as in a water-only fast, the body uses its vast store of energy to repair and renew itself.

The body enters a state of autophagy (literally, self-eating) where damaged cells and excess fat are consumed, and the waste is excreted. Autophagy has been described as a spring cleaning for the body. Drinking a large quantity of water during the fast helps to expel the unwanted waste.

Most significant, the self-regeneration of a water-only fast releases vast quantities of stem cells that powerfully assist with the self-regeneration process. Patients shell out thousands of dollars to stem cell clinics for autologous (self-donated) stem cell treatments, but you can get essentially the same treatment at home for free just by doing a water-only fast for a few days!

According to Dr. Group. the University of Southern California (USC) recently completed a study proving that fasting for as little as 72 hours flips a regenerative switch in your body. This happens around the time your body goes into ketosis (a state in which the body starts to burn fat for fuel because it has no glucose, or blood sugar).

The state of ketosis causes stem cells to create brand new white blood cells. This is how water-only fasting essentially regenerates the entire immune system, even in the elderly.

Protection against chemo

The USC study also found that fasting for 72 hours before chemo helped protect the patients from the toxic impact of the cancer-killing drug.

Many cancer patients are a bit overweight at the time of their diagnosis. Weight loss is a beneficial side effect of water-only fasting, and the fast also gives the patient an opportunity to rethink his or her relationship with food and to formulate a healthier eating plan for the future.

Dr. Group said it’s best to prepare for a water-only fast by taking care to eat healthy for a week before. He also recommended a liver and gall bladder cleanse before the fast. If the fast is longer than three days, it’s also important to break the fast gently over a period of time that’s a quarter of the length of the fast. Watermelon is a common recommendation for breaking the fast. So is vegetable juice. Bone broth is also beneficial, especially for the gut lining.

“The worst thing you can do in breaking a fast,” Dr. Group said, “is to put a bunch of cooked or microwaved or toxic food into your system.” He added that you can practically make yourself cancer-proof by doing one 24-hour fast per week, one 72-hour fast per month, and one nine-day fast per year.

Surprisingly, Dr. Group claimed that hunger isn’t a big problem during a water-only fast. Inspired by his talk, I decided to give it a try. I don’t have cancer, but I was interested in generating stem cells. Dr. Group was right. I did a 12-day water-only fast and experienced little hunger. The first three days can be tough, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.

Health guru Dr. Joseph Mercola’s take on cancer

While Dr. Group focused on water-only fasting, keynote speaker Dr. Joseph Mercola discussed the health benefits of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting consists of eating every day within a time window of eight hours, six hours, or in its most severe form, just four hours. For example, an intermittent fast of 18 hours a day would allow you to do all of your eating within a six-hour window.

Incidentally, I tried an intermittent18-hour fast during two days of the conference, eating a hearty breakfast at 7:00 a.m., finishing with a healthy, moderate lunch by 1:00 p.m., and fasting until 7:00 a.m. the next day. It was easy.

Dr. Mercola practices both water-only and intermittent fasting. He said, “Fasting is unquestionably the most profoundly powerful metabolic intervention you could possibly do. It helps your body burn fat for fuel, and it stimulates autophagy, which is essentially a process that destroys damaged cells that need to be taken out. Fasting also improves stem cell production.”

Apart from these health benefits, Dr. Mercola likes fasting because while the fast is ongoing he doesn’t have to spend any time on grocery shopping, meal preparation, or clean up.

During a fast, when the body is burning fat for fuel, the body makes ketones, entering the state of ketosis. This is normal and expected, but Dr. Mercola issued this strong caution about it: “Don’t remain in ketosis, or you’ll sabotage your health. You need to jump out of ketosis and go into something I call ‘feast and famine cycling’ or ‘targeted cycling.’ Once you can burn fat for fuel, then you regularly need to have high amounts of healthy carbohydrates (100 to 150 grams) and also increase your protein.”

He also cautioned the audience against using flax seed oil, although he strongly advocates eating flax seeds. He eats a tablespoon of flax seeds every day, which he soaks overnight and then blends into a smoothie.

Beware of EMFs

Dr. Mercola’s biggest health caution, however, was against cell phone radiation and other forms of harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). Cell phones are a Class 2B carcinogen, just like smoking cigarettes. Don’t expect the government to protect your health from cell phone damage, he said, considering that telecommunication companies “have the federal regulatory agencies wrapped around their fingers.”

He’s writing a book on cell phone dangers called The EMF Extinction. He said heart tissue, brain tissue, and reproductive organ tissue are “decimated” by exposure to EMF radiation. Infertility is becoming an increasingly common problem in America, and zapping reproductive organs with harmful EMFs could indeed lead to gradual extinction if it’s not reversed.

The best health strategy to deal with EMF pollution, Dr. Mercola said, is prevention and avoidance. This includes avoiding what he called “the biggest and most dangerous source of EMF pollution inside your house: the microwave oven.” He urged everyone in the audience to give their microwave oven to an enemy. For people who want to heat up their food quickly and safely, he recommends a steam convection oven by Cuisinart.

To reduce EMFs in the home, Dr. Mercola urged the audience to keep their home Wi-Fi off as much as possible. He said, “Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you. It’s probably the single most pernicious health threat you have and don’t know about. If possible, switch to wired only. The default for your desktop computer is Wi-Fi on. You’ve got to turn off the Wi-Fi, otherwise you’re going to blast it all the time.”

Dr. Mercola also recommended avoidance of smart devices. For example, instead of buying a large-screen smart TV, he suggested buying a large computer monitor that can be hooked up to your sound system and cable or satellite TV service.

Of the utmost importance for cancer patients is to get a good night’s sleep. Dr. Mercola said, “If you’re not sleeping well, there’s no way you’re going to get better. When you’re exposed to electrical fields at night, you’re going to have serious disruption of your sleep, which will also lower your melatonin levels. Cutting the power to your bedroom for the night is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to stay healthy.”

A Juice Fast is Another Alternative

In addition to water-only fasting and intermittent fasting, there’s also juice fasting. Juicing expert Cheri Calbom spoke about how to do a juice fast.

Ms. Calbom told a remarkable story of her recovery from a severe injury - a recovery that she attributes partly to juicing. Several years ago her house was burglarized at 3:00 a.m. The burglar was vicious and severely beat her with a metal pipe. This beating left her with a crippled hand.

Her doctor told her that her hand would never function normally again because the burglar’s beating had pulverized her knuckles. But she recovered from her injuries. She demonstrated to the audience that she now has complete movement, function, dexterity, and muscular control in both of her hands.

For those who want fast results, she suggests trying a three-day juice fast, drinking two quarts of freshly pressed vegetable juice per day. She urged the audience to “juice every day you can” and “join the movement! Get aboard the juice train!” Vegetable juice is easy to digest, enabling the body to focus its energy on healing and regeneration during a juice fast.

For those who need serious health results, Ms. Calbom recommends a three-week vegetable juice fast. She said the best juices for cancer patients are green juices containing lots of non-starchy vegetables and no fruit at all except for lemon or lime.

Carrot juice is too sweet and must be diluted with water. She highly recommends diluted carrot juice because it’s jam-packed with antioxidants that bind up toxins and carry them out of the body. She said, “Don’t combine beet juice and carrot juice, but beet juice is excellent for the liver.”

Why juice instead of eating whole vegetables?

For those who don’t have cancer, she said it’s fine to juice green apples. But cancer patients should juice vegetables while avoiding sugary fruits. When people ask her, “Why don’t you just eat the vegetables instead of juicing them,” she replies, “I tried, but I wore out my jaw muscles chewing on the carrots.”

Ms. Calbom said the reason juicing shrinks tumors is because it inhibits angiogenesis, the process whereby new blood vessels are formed to support a tumor. Without a blood supply, a tumor will shrivel up and disintegrate. Carrots and celery are strong inhibitors of angiogenesis. She also recommends “superhero” vegetables such as kale, garlic, and watercress.

It’s worth mentioning that people who have high glucose (blood sugar) may be able to solve the problem through intermittent fasting. Keynote speaker Pat Quillin, the author of Beating Cancer with Nutrition, said he’s been frustrated with his stubbornly high glucose number. But intermittent fasting, which is now part of his daily eating plan, caused his glucose to drop from 95 to 67!

Look for Part Two of this conference report in the next issue. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know the number one cause of cancer, we revealed it in the last issue. If you missed it, we’re running it again just below.

 Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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