Vaccinations, Immunity, and Cancer

Vaccinations, Immunity, and Cancer about undefined

This is the first of two reports about Ty Bollinger's 2019 “The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]” conference at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, California. Andrew Scholberg is a longtime associate of Cancer Defeated and the author of the books German Cancer Breakthrough and America’s Best Cancer Doctors.

Somewhat unusually for a cancer event, a large part of Mr. Bollinger’s conference was devoted to vaccines. Because this subject is outside of Cancer Defeated‘s area of expertise, please regard the following as representing the views of the speakers, not necessarily ours. But what they had to say is disturbing and you should consider it carefully. The conference was held before the novel coronavirus became an issue and the remarks from the speakers were not, as such, directed at the efforts to develop a vaccine for that disease.

To summarize my own views on vaccines as briefly as I can: I get as few vaccinations myself as possible; I haven’t had one in decades. I might make an exception for coronavirus if and when they have one. More importantly, I think infants in our society are horribly over-vaccinated, often for rare diseases, and it’s at least arguable that they’d be better off getting chickenpox, measles and mumps than being vaccinated for them.

To say that Ty Bollinger's most recent cancer conference featured the controversial issue of vaccinations would be an understatement.

No fewer than a dozen of the speakers remarked about the heavy schedule of vaccinations required for children — a schedule that grows longer year by year. Four of the speakers — including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — made it the subject of their presentations.

One thing I’ve come to believe is that for viral diseases like smallpox or coronavirus, a “live” oral vaccine containing a weakened form of the virus is superior. A live vaccine educates your immune system, and may offer significant benefits including lifetime immunity.

But practically all vaccines today, unfortunately, are by injection. These injections fail to give permanent immunity and also contain nasty toxic “adjuvants” that often cause more harm than good. (The second article in this series has more information about the benefits of live oral vaccines vs. vaccine injections.)

You might be wondering what vaccinations have to do with cancer. The short answer is: plenty. There’s reason to believe they result in a weaker immune system throughout life.

A revealing story from a German doctor

During one of my tours of German cancer clinics I interviewed one of Germany's top cancer doctors, Dr. Andreas Demuth, at the HufelandKlinik in Bad Mergentheim.

He gave me his thoughts about the effect of vaccines on the immune system. He told me he'd long believed that vaccinations are an unnecessary source of toxicity, and he said that over-vaccination in childhood is a serious problem.

Dr. Demuth said his oldest son was vaccinated only during his first three years of life. His younger sons have never been vaccinated. His oldest son has an abnormal immune system as a result of the childhood vaccinations: when he gets sick he doesn't get a fever, just a terrible cough that lasts for weeks.

By contrast, when his youngest son gets sick, he gets a high fever for two or three days, and then he snaps out of it “better than new,” Dr. Demuth told me. A fever is the equivalent of taking the immune system to the gym for a good workout to keep it strong.

While this sort of evidence is anecdotal, it suggests that vaccinations may be harmful, while enduring the disease makes our immune systems stronger. Of course, you have to survive the disease to profit from the stronger immune system, and this is the point on which the whole vaccine debate turns.

Based on the talks at this conference, it’s clear that the long-term, lifetime costs and benefits of each and every vaccination have not been weighed and are not even fully known. For example, as I’ll explain, unvaccinated people may, on average, live longer.

The heavy schedule of childhood vaccinations may impair the immune system that might be needed later to prevent or overcome a degenerative disease such as cancer. Even more concerning are the toxic substances that may be found in some vaccines.

For example, mercury and aluminum most certainly can cause degenerative diseases including cancer. Mercury occurs in thimersal, a preservative that used to be widely used in vaccine formulas as a preservative. It has supposedly been phased out but is still used in some vaccines.

Ty Bollinger strongly opposes current vaccination policies in the United States, and created an impressive lineup of speakers to challenge the orthodox beliefs about vaccines. The speakers contended some of the common beliefs about vaccines are myths and falsehoods peddled by Big Pharma and their allies.

Vaccinations and “herd immunity” 

You may have heard about the importance of “herd immunity,” which supposedly is achieved only after enough people have been vaccinated. Public health authorities talk about it all the time, making the point that widespread vaccination establishes herd immunity. Let's see if that's true.

As you may know, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founded Children's Health Defense to promote the cause of vaccine safety for children. In his keynote speech he pointed out certain embarrassing facts about vaccines that are ignored or censored by the mainstream media and public health authorities.

For example, in 2019 a mumps epidemic crippled the USS Fort McHenry. This Navy ship was quarantined at sea for five months while the epidemic raged. Yet everyone aboard had been vaccinated for mumps!

As you may know, in the military there are no opt-outs: all service members get all of the vaccinations — no ifs, ands, or buts. Therefore, the vaccination rate for military personnel is 100 percent. The mumps vaccine is obviously an abject failure with regard to herd immunity. It doesn't work.

What about the measles vaccine? Mr. Kennedy pointed out that when the measles vaccine first came out, public health authorities declared that one shot would give permanent immunity for life. But last August, 43-year-old Israeli flight attendant RotemAmitai, a mother of three, died of measles. She'd been vaccinated as a child.

In this instance, obviously, the measles vaccine failed to deliver permanent immunity. Yet her death, which was blamed on “anti-vaxxers,” resulted in a propaganda story about why everyone needed to get re-vaccinated for measles. In other words, one needs a booster shot every few years because the vaccine wears off.

In 2015 when there was a measles outbreak in California, the California Department of Public Health predictably blamed “anti-vaxxers” for causing it. But it turns out that more than half of the Californians who got measles were vaccinated. To be precise, fifty-five percent had been vaccinated at least once — some of them two or even three times. Yet the vaccination failed miserably!

The vaccines for measles and mumps provide neither permanent immunity nor “herd immunity.” The vaccines do not deliver on the promises that have been made for them.

Government says vaccinated
people are dangerous? 

Incredible as it sounds, Mr. Kennedy pointed out, “If you go to FDA's website — until recently when they took this off — or the John Hopkins protocols for immunocompromised patients, you know what they say? They say if you're immunocompromised, you should avoid people who have recently received the measles vaccine, who have received even within six weeks a chicken pox vaccine, who've received a polio vaccine, who've received at any time in their lives a pertussis vaccine. It doesn't say avoid un-vaccinated people. It says avoid vaccinated people!”

How are immunocompromised patients supposed to know who has ever had a pertussis vaccine in order to avoid such dangerous people? Just asking.

Mr. Kennedy said it's a myth that vaccines provide herd immunity. Rather, herd immunity happens naturally when a large percentage of people get a disease the natural way and are afterwards immune for life. This typically happened with measles, mumps, and chickenpox until vaccinations became widely promoted.

Mr. Kennedy gave chickenpox as an example. Before the age of mass vaccination, just about all children got chickenpox, which – he said -- helped prevent cancers when they got older because it boosted the immune system, as shown by dozens of studies.

Natural immunity to chickenpox reduces your risk of getting Hodgkin's Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, atopic diseases, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and cardiac arrest. “If you’ve had chickenpox, it extends your life dramatically,” he said.

He also cited a Japanese study about the long-term health benefits of the childhood diseases. People who had all four diseases in childhood — mumps, measles, chickenpox and rubella — live the longest. The people who contracted the fewest of these diseases have the shorter lifespans.

Why are children now getting shingles? 

Mr. Kennedy said that because of the chickenpox vaccine, we're starting to see shingles for the first time in children. Normally this disease appears in older adults who have had chickenpox as a child. It’s basically a recurrence of the disease, caused by the same virus, which remains latent in the body.

He projected that universal chickenpox vaccination would double the number of shingles cases within ten years. Chickenpox vaccination makes no sense because shingles is 20 times more lethal than chickenpox.

In addition, those who don’t get chickenpox as a child, because they’ve been vaccinated, often get it as an adult, when it’s twice as lethal.

It's no big surprise that Big Pharma's response to the cases of shingles caused by the chicken pox vaccine is a vaccine for shingles. But Kennedy asserted that the shingles vaccine is “killing people and blinding them, and giving them terrible, terrible diseases.”

How vaccination destroyed natural herd immunity 

The measles vaccine was introduced in 1963. At that time the two leading authorities on measles were John Enders at Harvard University, who was the first to isolate the measles vaccine, and Sir Graham Wilson, who was a leading virologist.

Mr. Kennedy said that these two men warned that if that vaccine does not immunize 100 percent of the people and provide them with lifetime immunity, it would be unwise to give the vaccine because in the long run, the consequences would be terrible.

Kennedy explained how herd immunity for measles had developed naturally by the 1950s and early 60s: Mothers who had had measles, which gave them natural permanent immunity, often gave their newborn babies enough immunity through the placenta and breastfeeding to get them safely through infancy. (Measles is dangerous for infants. It should be noted that mothers who have been vaccinated for measles give no measles immunity whatever to their newborns.) Children naturally contracted measles later when they interacted with schoolmates and playmates, giving them lifetime immunity.

Measles once again becomes dangerous in adolescence and adulthood, but measles deaths were on a trajectory toward zero back in those days. Herd immunity for measles was happening naturally and had been largely achieved by 1963.

That was the year when Merck announced that its measles vaccine was 100 percent effective and that one vaccination was good for life. They predicted measles would be eradicated from the globe by 1967.

How Big Pharma reaps big rewards for failures 

But by the mid-1970s it became obvious that the measles vaccine was a failure. Big Pharma came up with a solution — a booster shot. A booster shot, of course, generated even more profits, rewarding Big Pharma for its failure!

By the 1980s Big Pharma said people needed yet another booster shot --two boosters. But they found out the second booster doesn't work at all, only providing only one or two months of immunity.

Mr. Kennedy summarized the measles vaccine disaster: “You have a vaccine that is doomed to wane, which means older people are going to get measles and get injured, and babies are going to get measles, and that's what's happening now. Babies are dying of measles.”

The big lie of 1963 

In 1984 Johns Hopkins researchers said that as soon as those who grew up in pre-vaccine days before 1962 die out there will be more people susceptible to measles than was the case in 1961.

The most vulnerable population will include people who are much older or much younger. Kennedy predicted, “The death rate is going to be astronomical. Why isn't Merck being targeted over its bogus vaccine and the big lie that launched it in 1963?”

A particularly dangerous vaccine, Kennedy asserted, is the HPV vaccine Gardasil. He said, “It's one of the worst vaccines ever. It's a hoax, and it's killing a lot of people. I have a client, Jennifer Robi, who got this vaccine when she was 15 years old. She went into seizure. She is now 24. She wears Depends. She is in a wheelchair for life. She has seizures every 90 seconds. She was at the top of her class and she was a star athlete. She now cannot leave her bedroom. She has to stay with shades drawn, wearing dark glasses because the sunlight will trigger a seizure. That's what this aluminum does to tens of thousands of teenagers.

“Within seven months after getting the vaccine, 50 percent of the girls had come down with serious new illnesses. Fifty percent! That's one in every two! Japan has essentially banned the vaccine. Japan has de-recommended the vaccine after having to open up a whole string of hospitals just to treat people for HPV vaccine injury.”

FDA officials are puppets,
not watchdogs, says Kennedy 

Why doesn't the FDA do something about this? Mr. Kennedy pointed out the incestuous relationship between the FDA and pharmaceutical companies. Top executives of drug companies often take posts as high-ranking FDA officials and vice versa, and they all look out for each other.

Of course, the FDA is supposed to be America's watchdog, protecting the public from dangerous prescription drugs that generate fantastic profits for Big Pharma. But the fox is now guarding the henhouse.

Mr. Kennedy pointed out that some former drug company executives are still collecting royalties from vaccines, even while employed by the government. These mind-boggling conflicts of interest don't even raise eyebrows in the FDA.

These were Mr. Kennedy's final words to the audience: “I don't want to leave you guys depressed. I've been doing advocacy for 35 years. I know how to beat these guys, and we have to do it through litigation. The politicians have been bought. Every institution in our society that was constructed by our democracy to stand between greedy corporations and vulnerable little children has been compromised.

“Regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us from bad drugs and from bad companies have been captured. They've become sock puppets for the industry they're supposed to regulate. Congress now gets more money from vaccine companies than from any other industry: twice what they get from oil and gas, and four times what they get from defense and aerospace contractors!

“They [the racketeers] cannot win this in the marketplace, so they had to abolish the market and make vaccinations mandatory. They cannot win at debate, so they have to abolish debate. I would ask you to do everything you can to support our efforts, to support Children's Health Defense.” Mr. Kennedy received a standing ovation that lasted a long, long time.

Part Two of this report will follow in one week.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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