WARNING… You Carry This Killer with You Everywhere You Go

WARNING… You Carry This Killer with You Everywhere You Go about undefined

I’m going to tell you five stories about cancer victims. All recent. All sad. All true. All preventable.

History tends to repeat itself. Awful things happen, but we keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

Can we stop that vicious cycle?


A businessman presses his cell phone to his head before and after meetings, at his desk, walking to his car. He develops a large tumor on the very spot he held his cell phone.

Despite surgery, massive amounts of chemo, a second surgery, and more chemo, he died… leaving his wife and seven fatherless children.


Picture Barbara. She's in a doctor's office with her 16-year-old daughter... who’s been charging her cell phone on her nightstand since she was 12. For four years, she talked with friends for hours on end, usually with the phone against her ear. Worse, she slept with her phone under her pillow.

She has a tumor on her face, right where it was pressed against the pillow. She endured nine hours of surgery, only to have the tumor return a year later, requiring another nine-hour surgery… plus cosmetic surgery.


A 19-year-old man needs a total hip replacement. Odd, right? Turns out he carried his cell phone in his front pants pocket every day as a high school freshman. At 19, he jumped off a small rock while hiking and his hip shattered.

During surgery, they found a huge tumor exactly where he’d carried his phone. Once the surgeon got past the tumor, she found bone so weak she could push her finger straight through. He’ll need hip replacements every 20 years for the rest of his life, because the synthetic units wear out.


A grandmother tells of how her six-year-old grandson Jason was diagnosed with autism. For years, his mom used a WiFi baby monitor, every night and every nap. As a toddler, his techie dad taught him to use a smartphone; he played games on it for hours on end. Now, at age six, he has autism.


The following numbers represent what’s called a “cancer cluster” at one California middle school: 24 – 49 – 12 – 13 – 10 – 9.

  • 24 teachers/staff got cancer
  • 49 former students got cancer
  • 12 teachers, staff, and former students died from cancer
  • 13 times the average rate of thyroid cancer
  • 10 times the average rate of melanoma
  • 9 times the average rate of uterine cancer

If you’re young, you may think this is normal. It’s not. Or at least it didn’t used to be. Sadly, it may become the new norm.

Can we prove causation? No. But when epidemiologist Samuel Milham, MD, measured the classrooms in this school, he found off-the-charts dirty electricity – from the cell tower next to the school.

All five stories are documented in Bill Cadwallader’s book Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself. And as you’ll see in this and the next two Cancer Defeated issues on the developing EMF catastrophe, large population studies do exist to indicate the problem is real. It’s not likely the misfortunes above happened by chance.

Why place yourself in harm’s way when there are simple and easy preventive steps you can take? And don’t worry… most people don’t need to give up all technology. They just need to use it in safer ways.

But please don’t wait for the government or “big science” to start admitting the dangers of EMFs.

It took decades for the truth about smoking, DDT, and lead paint to be fully recognized.

Remember these claims that proved untrue?

  • Smoking is safe.
  • OxyContin is non-addicting.
  • Wonder Bread builds bodies 12 ways.

We live in a cell tower and WiFi saturated world where we are continuously bathed in low-frequency radiation. I’ve found my own highest exposure is from all the electronics in my car.

Speakers at the recent Cancer Control Society Convention convinced me that not only is this not safe, it may be a global disaster to make climate change look like a bad night at bingo.

What’s an E-M-F anyway?

It’s not a UFO, though it may seem to belong in the same camp, i.e. something for nut cases to worry about.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Wikipedia defines it as a physical field produced by electrically charged objects.

Since that’s probably about as clear as mud, we’re talking about invisible, silent, odorless signals flying all around us from our smartphones, WiFi, cell towers, smart meters, appliances, and even home electrical wiring.

The four horsemen of the EMF apocalypse

Each type of EMF radiation comes from different sources. Here are the basics.

1. Radio Frequencies (RF) and microwaves

The most common sources of RF radiation are cordless phones (900 MHz), smart meters, smart phones (3G, 4G, LTE), WiFi, microwave ovens, 5G networks, and Bluetooth devices. (The “G” stands for “generation” as in 5th generation. It indicates advances in cellular technology, mainly the constant expansion of bandwidth that enables these devices to carry more and more data, enabling people, for example, to watch movies on their phones.)

2. Magnetic Fields (MF)

Scientifically speaking, electric currents that run around the outside of a wire or other metallic object (for instance, a water pipe) create magnetic fields.

Common sources are chargers (phones, tablets, computers), high voltage power lines, electrical panels (breaker boxes), wiring in walls and appliances, water/gas pipes, freezers, electric clocks, toothbrushes, hair dryers, 3-way switches, cable TV lines, and more.

Power cord transformers alter AC wall outlet currents to the DC your devices need, forming a magnetic field that radiates several feet.

3. Electric Fields (EF)

The current flowing inside an electrical wire is the EF. (MFs or magnetic fields surround it.)

Comes courtesy of household wiring, power strips, ungrounded electronics, cords, chargers, lamps and lighting, buried and overhead power lines, laptops, clocks, and stoves.

Most people don’t realize that lamp cords emit electrical fields even when the lamp is turned off.

4. Dirty Electricity (DE)

Electricity is supposed to oscillate at a frequency of 60 Hz (in North America). But many of today’s items intentionally disrupt current flow multiple times per second, creating dirty electricity.

Dimmer switches change the ON/OFF status of your light bulb 120 times per second. “Energy-efficient” bulbs (like CFLs) are far worse, cycling ON/OFF at least 20,000 times – per second.1

That’s how dirty electricity is created… spiking of frequencies between 300 Hz and 10 MHz.2

Other exposures include fluorescent bulbs, chargers, solar panels, smart TVs, refrigerators, satellite boxes, DVD players, and more. Dirty electricity emanates from the wires you can see and the ones you can’t… even when the device is turned off.

Swimming in EMFs

Unless you live off the grid, you’re constantly bombarded with EMFs. If you hang out or work at Starbucks, travel through airports, or drive under power lines, you’re bathing in this invisible sea of EMFs – even if you can’t even tell they’re there.

They travel through air, wires, even through the ground.

Electricity has been around more than a century, radio for nearly that long, and TV for decades. Why is this a problem now? Because we’re exposed to manmade EMFs at levels 10 billion times higher than in the 1960s.3 The forthcoming “Internet of Things” (IoT) and 5G networks pose a staggering threat.

But not to worry, because science shows they’re completely safe, right? Right?

“Science” – not a thing or a person

If science were a person, we’d all run and hide from this bipolar monster. One day it says one thing… the next, something completely different.

Yet there’s a Grand Canyon-sized gap between the supposed safety standards protecting you and what the independent (non-industry funded) research shows.

When you analyze studies, ask these questions:

1. Are researchers truly independent? Many studies are merely puppets for industry. Tellingly, many scientists hired by the telecommunications industry to prove EMFs were safe were axed once their studies showed the opposite.

2. What does the study actually show? In 2016, the media went wild over a study that “showed safety.” But the study didn’t even look at phone use, just ownership.

3. Does a study cherry-pick the data or look for black swans? Industry and government desperately want EMFs to be safe, so they tend to report only those studies that prove their point. A safer approach is to look for the black swan, the anomaly. (Originally, it was believed a black swan was something that didn’t exist. Until it turned out it did.)

Don’t just look at the studies showing no effect… counting the white swans. Instead, look for harm. Every study showing that very low levels of EMFs do cause harm crushes the theory that they’re “harmless.” For one thing, most of us are no longer exposed to low levels. We’re exposed to very high levels.

The early studies of the relationship between cell phone use and brain cancer said there was no need to worry if you weren’t a “heavy user” of cell phones. How was “heavy use” defined? A half hour per day.

4. Who’s responsible? If you have to pay out for bad decisions, you’re more likely to think twice before acting stupidly. So… did you know that in 1996, U.S. telecom companies received total immunity from liability for negative EMF effects? And that no one can stop them from putting new antennas wherever they please? (Lobbying dollars hard at work.)

Safety standards a complete hoax

They tell us there’s a “safe amount of radiation” (SAR).

But you’ll be stunned when you find out how phones are tested before hitting the market. Ready?

They’re tested on a water-filled mannequin head called SAM (specific anthropomorphic mannequin).

SAM is big, the size of the top 10% of U.S. military recruits in 1989. If he had a full body, he’d be about 6’2” and weigh 220 pounds, with a larger head than 97% of all cell phone users.

What’s more, SAM always holds his cell phone at least five mm from his ear at a very specific 15 degree angle, and talks on it less than six minutes per day.

So all you have to do to be “safe” is:

  • Be a 6’2”, 220-pound man
  • Always keep your phone at least 5 mm (1/5”) from your head
  • Don’t talk more than six minutes a day
  • Never carry your phone anywhere on your body
  • Avoid crowds, to avoid second-hand radiation from their phones
  • Don’t have ears… since any radiation that enters your ears doesn’t count towards the SAR
  • Have a liquid brain like SAM’s
  • Avoid phone cases – Environmental Working Group says they increase radiation by 20% to 70%

Ignore any of these, and you’ll pummel yourself with radiation at levels up to four times the phone’s stated safe amount of radiation.  Apparently SAR actually stands for “Still At Risk.”

Back in the day, the premise was that non-ionizing radiation doesn’t generate much heat; therefore, there’s no biological effect. (Ionizing radiation is what emits from X-ray machines, just to help you get a handle on the difference.)

Now, thousands of “black swan” studies show that non-ionizing radiation does have biological effects at levels far lower than those that produce heat. And at levels far lower than what’s deemed “safe.”

Your body acts as an antenna, soaking up all those low-level shocks day in and day out.

Hunting down black swans

Government authorities and the telecom industry continue to claim that all swans are white… that EMFs can’t possibly cause harm given the safety standards currently in place.

But the 29 authors of the 2007 and 2012 Bioinitiative Reports, doctors at the Paracelsus Clinic (a renowned center of alternative medicine in Switzerland), and thousands of other researchers disagree. They’ve identified thousands of black swans.

The doubts about safety focus on the effects of EMF on individual cells, not on whether this cellular damage leads to specific diseases like cancer or depression. We’ll cover diseases in Part 2 of this three-part sequence, and remediation steps in Part 3. Stay tuned.

5,000 studies now show evidence of harm, and yet we’re just skimming the surface. It’s not hard to see how damage might occur. . .

1. EMFs affect all animals.

Birds can actually “see” the earth’s natural magnetic fields, which they use as a natural “GPS system” when they migrate.

Insects exhibit bizarre behavior when exposed to cellular signals. EMFs are even suspect in the disappearance of 50 percent of honeybees worldwide in the past 15 years.4

Dairy cows produce less milk during EMF exposure.  When EMF levels at a school were decreased, a farm that was a quarter mile away saw increased milk production of ten pounds per cow per day.5

2. Your entire body runs on electricity.

So it’s actually kind of crazy to assume no biological effects.

3. EMFs zap our cells in multiple ways.

Our cells sense our EMF environment, as confirmed in human experiments.6

This research is impressive:

  • EMFs break chromosomal and DNA bonds.7 At normal cell phone usage levels; levels high enough to generate heat are not required.8,9

In fact, brain DNA in rats keeps breaking down for hours after exposure ends.10

It’s known that unrepaired DNA damage wreaks all kinds of havoc over time – cancer, accelerated aging, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.11

  • EMFs mess up your VGCCs (voltage gated calcium channels) by releasing a glut of calcium into cells, triggering autism, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.12

Martin Pall published dozens of papers on VGCCs over 20 years, concluding that even ultra low EMF exposure can lock cellular VGCCs in the open position for hours. Dr. Pall holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and genetics from the California Institute of Technology and is a retired professor from Washington State University.

Interestingly, you can prevent the VGCC disruption by taking calcium blocking drugs, often prescribed for high blood pressure. But don’t start popping pills yet. We’ll discuss ways to protect yourself from EMFs in the third article in this series.

  • EMFs overpower your body’s built-in defenses – especially the blood-brain barrier (BBB), letting toxins like mercury and pesticides into the brain and allowing beneficial molecules to leak out. The “holes” in this protective barrier provide a free pass to neurodegenerative chaos.13

Researcher Allan Frey injected fluorescent dye into EMF-exposed rats and a control group of non-exposed rats. In the control group, the dye never reached the brain. But dye leached into the brains of exposed rats in a matter of minutes, proving the blood-brain barrier had been breached. This experiment has been duplicated multiple times with similar results.14,15

It’s possible that EMFs also weaken other critical barriers like the blood-gut barrier and the blood-eye barrier.

  • EMFs thwart your ability to heal, making nighttime exposure a major issue.16

The radiation pummels DNA, inundates cells with calcium, and lets toxins and invaders in… then stops you from healing and repairing all this damage.

  • EMFs disrupt melatonin production, thereby impairing sleep. By the year 2000, there were already 15 different studies showing this. The more EMFs people were exposed to, the worse they slept.17
  • EMFs deplete your antioxidant reserves.18
  • EMFs cause red blood cells to clump, which limits oxygenation and healing.19
  • EMFs boost your level of cortisol, the stress hormone.20

In short, there are a great many black swan studies showing the harm caused by EMF radiation  – sometimes at levels thousands of times lower than the authorities claim is safe.

A threat to the most developed countries

Probably the most frightening possibility is the one raised by Dr. Paul – that EMFs may be the cause of plunging birth rates in those nations that are most heavily networked for internet traffic. He particularly cited Singapore and South Korea, which pride themselves on having the fastest internet and best cell phone connections in the world.

South Korea has had a 20% drop in births in just 18 months, and the plunge continues. In animal studies, it’s been observed that EMF-caused damage to DNA is irreversible and passed on to the next generation.

We can’t be sure the drop in Korean and Singaporean births is due to EMFs, but it is a FACT that EMFs render mammals infertile, and there is a strong possibility that Dr. Pall is right. The result may be that these societies literally disappear within a couple of generations – first consisting only of old people, then no people at all.

Pass this on to your loved ones. And turn your phone on airplane mode while you sleep. It’s simple, free, and could save your life. More to come…


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