What to Do to Protect Yourself From EMFs Part III

What to Do to Protect Yourself From EMFs Part III about undefined

We devoted the last two issues to the dangers of EMF exposure from cell phones, laptops, WiFi hotspots, cell towers and many other sources. 5,000 studies1 document this theory in whole or in part.

And I’m not calling it a “theory” anymore. . .

As you know if you read Part I and Part 2 the threat is much more serious than anyone imagined just a few years ago, when most of the focus was on higher brain cancer rates among heavy users of cell phones.

If that was the only damage, we could count ourselves lucky. Instead, we’re faced with no less than a possible turning point in human history.

And the problem is on the verge of getting much, much worse. . .

5G and the Internet of things

The rapid rollout of 5G is one of the most pernicious menaces of our day. 5G refers to the fifth generation of wireless networking technology, each one covering more territory, with more powerful radio frequency waves, than the one before it.

The telecommunications industry plans for 5G to cover nearly every person and every neighborhood in America by 2026.2 At present, in the 3G or 4G era, each of us is within ten miles of a cell tower (and probably much closer, maybe less than a mile from you, depending on where you live.)

5G will involve having “towers” on nearly every block. They won’t actually be towers, but smaller units perhaps attached to utility poles or the like. But the net effect will be a  vastly greater amount of electromagnetic forces surrounding all of us.

The potential for EMF-related disease is mind-boggling.

Let me say that the evidence for this outcome is not conclusive, but it is highly persuasive. I’m not waiting for someone on high to admit the danger. The tobacco-lung cancer connection illustrates the folly of doing that.

As early as the 1920s, small studies indicated that smoking causes cancer. The connection was widely accepted in Germany by the 1930s. Landmark studies in 1950 finally confirmed it in the United States. The slang phrase “cancer sticks” to describe cigarettes was first used in 1958.

But warnings did not appear on cigarette packages until 1965, and advertising for tobacco products was not banned from radio and television until 1970. In short, responsible action was not taken for 20 to 40 years, depending on when you think someone “responsible” should have taken notice.

A whale of a lot of people got cancer while the government and tobacco companies stalled and lied. So I don’t recommend waiting for some panel of pompous scientists to come around on the EMF issue.

There are things you can do today that will instantly lower your exposure.

Steps to Take Now to Protect Yourself

The basics?

  • Distance is your friend.
  • Time you spend away from devices is your friend.

In other words, increase the distance between yourself and the sources of EMF emissions, and decrease the time you spend with the sources. Here’s how it plays out in real life.

Don’t use your smart phone in a dumb way…

Your phone may be “smart”… don’t be dumb about how you use it.

Impose some rules of the road on yourself. The good news is they’re mostly free

1. Never ever sleep with your phone or tablet on your nightstand. Non-negotiable – for you and your kids. Leave it out of your bedroom.

2. Keep airplane mode ON and WiFi and Bluetooth OFF as much as possible.  Always when you sleep. Always when carrying it on your person. Certainly in cars, trains, and planes – they’re metal boxes that bounce radiation around like crazy.

When not in airplane mode, a phone searches for signals every six to thirty seconds, zapping you every time it does, day and night. Airplane mode is your friend. That should always be the setting when you’re not using the phone.

Check messages every few hours instead of every two minutes, then revert to airplane mode again.

Note: On Apple devices, when WiFi says “Not connected,” radiation is still an issue.

3. If you use your smartphone for business and can’t leave it in airplane mode, move it farther away from you.

4. Talk in speaker mode. Don’t hold the phone to your ear or if you must, limit calls to less than two minutes.

5. Text, don’t talk.

6. Download podcasts, movies, and books… then consume in airplane mode (WiFi and Bluetooth disabled).

7. Never let children play with or talk on your phone. The consequences are far too grave. Because of their small size, they effectively get twice the dose of EMF radiation an adult does. The phone is half as big as their head!

8. Bluetooth earpieces are really bad. A receiver and transmitter right at your ear, next to your brain, is the last thing you want.

Replace with Blue Tube headset -- hollow air-filled tubes that create distance. [Cost: about $36]

You still need to address where the actual phone is while talking on your Blue Tube headset. And the answer to that question should not be your pocket or bra. Better a table or desk.

Speaking of Bluetooth… did you know that wearable technology – like a fitness watch – exposes you to EMFs every six to 30 seconds as signals are sent and received?

9. Get an old-fashioned wireline phone and use it as much as you can, instead of a cell phone.

Note: Cordless phones and remote headsets emit huge amounts of radiation 24/7, even when you’re not making a call. Go for the cord. [Cost: $15 to $30 for the phone, about $5 per month for phone service attached to Internet or cable package.]

10. If you’re pregnant or a parent, these steps are critical. EMFs are statistically correlated with miscarriage, autism, asthma, and much more. Again, the evidence is not conclusive, but there’s enough of it to warrant caution. Correlation means the more a group of people has been exposed to EMFs, the more they suffer from these medical misfortunes, but the “why” is not yet known. The tobacco industry used the missing “why” to dodge responsibility for decades.

Your other devices

The same principles apply to all gadgets: more distance, less time.

It’s critical to measure EMF levels, and I’ll give you info on how to do that in a moment.

Many people work on computers all day long – I do – and you may not have a choice about the matter. But you can increase the distance from the computer. Mine is about three feet away from me. Only the monitor, keyboard and mouse are close by.

  • Never ever use your computer on your lap, even on a pillow, which offers no protection. It “cooks” the “family goods” of both men and women.
  • Use portable devices in battery mode whenever possible, not while charging. Chargers emit tons of EMFs.
  • Likewise, never charge your phone in your bedroom while you sleep, even in airplane mode. It’s cancer on your nightstand.
  • Use a wired mouse and keyboard instead of directly touching your computer. I never fell out of love with detached peripherals, and I’m glad I didn’t.
  • WiFi is an EMF monster! Turn your router OFF when not using it – and always turn it off at night.
  • Hardwire your Internet – which, incidentally, security experts say is much more secure anyway – and faster.3

Nothing “smart” about smart meters

Smart meters measure (and will eventually control) your use of electricity – with the promise of a cleaner, greener environment and cost savings.

These meters, now in use almost everywhere, operate in a wireless “mesh” network including your neighbors’ smart meters. A smart meter to gauge your electric use is like having a cell tower attached to your home. They transmit huge amounts and intense bursts of radiation, 24 hours a day, as often as 190,000 times per day.

That may sound hard to believe, but at the subatomic level the kind of numbers we’re used to dealing with in the macro world are irrelevant.

Scores of people report debilitating health effects from smart meters. They get sick, and no, it’s not all in their heads. If they get an old fashioned analog meter, their symptoms go away. Smart meters don’t affect all of us in ways we’re aware of, but it’s pretty darn likely they affect us in ways we aren’t.

As if having a cell tower attached to your home isn’t bad enough, smart meters have also exploded and caught fire on numerous occasions, causing deaths and serious burns.

As for cost savings, one Canadian study found that four out of five smart-metered homes paid 50 percent higher bills… in the U.S. it was two out of five.

Opt out or use a shield

Unfortunately, in some states, power companies maliciously cut power to those refusing smart meters.

Some states expressly forbid analog meters for opt-outs, though they’re the best health choice.

You may have to pay a fee to opt out, depending on local laws – even without an analog meter as a replacement.

Warning: When you opt out, measure with an EMF meter to verify that they actually did cut data transmission. Hold the EMF meter by your smart meter for a couple of minutes. If it surges every 30 to 60 seconds, it’s still transmitting. Demand they cut the transmission. After all, you’re paying to opt out. Keep them honest.

If you can’t opt out, shield your smart meter outside and inside.

Fast food bombshell

Weirdly, a microwave oven attracts us like a television. Most people stare at it while it’s cooking, as it bombards them with invisible pulses. Please, if you use a microwave (and I recommend you don’t), get as far away as possible! Go to another room while it’s in use. Their EMF output is staggering.

Bill Cadwallader, author of EXPOSED: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself, took EMF meter readings while running a microwave.

He had to move four rooms away (about 40 feet) to get marginally safe. Even that far away, the meter could still detect the oven’s EMF waves. If you stand in front of your microwave, you’re begging for health problems.

Limit time spent near any appliance if EMF meters detect high levels.

Now, to your #1 priority…

The place you sleep should be a sanctuary

If you’ve ever enjoyed the rejuvenating effects of a weekend in the mountains without electronics, maybe it was the escape from relentless radiation pounding your system that made it so relaxing.

That’s what your bedroom should be. A retreat.

Take a hard look at the dangers lurking there – smart meters, CPAP machines, TVs, alarm clocks, air purifiers, waterbeds, and ceiling fans. Plugged in devices, chargers, and heating pads too. Electric beds.

Personally, I stopped using heating pads and electric blankets years ago, before the EMF scare. They’re a terrible idea. The blankets would make my skin feel tingly all over.

Remove all electronics from your nightstand. Battery operated clocks are okay. Oust the TV and other electric stuff.

If you really want to go the last mile, use dirty electricity plug-in filters. These block leakage from your electric outlets. This may require a consultation from a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Make sure your fixes are doing the job by taking before and after meter readings.

Consider turning off circuit breakers to your bedrooms at night.

And, absolutely, turn off routers at night. A $5 timer can do it for you if you think it’s too much work to do every day. (Really?)

The massacre of the innocents

If the deadly scenario envisioned by Prof. Martin Pall, Bill Cadwallader and others comes to pass, then Baby monitors, iDiapers, iPotty, iPacifiers, and other emerging technologies will be seen as a disaster on the scale of Noah’s flood. There will be cries of pain and rage from San Francisco to London to Hong Kong.

I recommend you don’t wait and hope that this horrible risk will turn out to be a false alarm.

Use wired devices, move your baby into your bedroom, or do what your grandparents did… personally check on your little one.

Smart diapers send a wet-diaper signal so parents know when baby needs changing. Their radiation zaps baby constantly. Unlike a monitor, which can be moved to create distance, the diaper is wrapped around your baby – and the reproductive organs at that, known to be vulnerable to EMF damage.

I’m assuming you’d like your child to have the option of having a child of their own someday.

The rest of your home…

Many things leak radiation into your home – from routers to appliances to your electrical breaker panel.

Your wireless, smartphone-controlled alarm system constantly sends and receives signals. Consider reverting to a vintage wired system. Or a dog.

Replace CFL (compact fluorescent lights, the curly ones), LEDs, and regular fluorescent bulbs with incandescent. Replace dimmer switches or keep them off.

You need to know exactly what you're dealing with

It’s crazy to try to fix a problem without a quantitative assessment.

You need to know your beginning and end points. Measure before and after remediation… or you could end up worse than where you started.

I’m aware that all of this sounds like an enormous amount of bother for a danger that isn’t quite confirmed. As with any type of toxicity (pesticides in food, carcinogenic chemicals in shampoos) you don’t have to eliminate every last source of risk.

But I sure think it’s worth reducing your level of exposure. I eat bacon once in a while, I use conventional shampoos if I’m staying at a hotel, I eat nonorganic food maybe a third of the time. Assuming you aren’t hypersensitive to EMFs, you may be able to get away with some level of exposure.

If you really want to be a “completist,” there isn’t one single meter that will measure all four types of EMFs. You’ll need a few.

EMF measuring made simple

Fortunately, we were able to locate simple-to-use meters and educational video packages here from EMF expert and Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Bill Cadwallader.

Full disclosure: Cancer Defeated will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. I expect the commissions will be negligible in terms of our business. This is NOT what instigated this series of articles. Bill offered it to us as we interviewed him and prepared this article, which has been in the works for months.

And there’s something in it for you, too:  He’s offering Cancer Defeated readers a 5% discount till December 31, 2018. Use this link, and enter the promo code CANCERDEFEATED18. Be sure to hit the “Apply Coupon” button to get your discount.

Bill offers reliable meters at a reasonable price point. (Heads up: some ultra-low-cost meters are so inaccurate you shouldn’t bet your health on them.)

Perhaps more importantly, his packages give step-by-step video instructions on how and what to measure. No more guesswork, no more standing there bewildered and wondering what on earth to do next.

It’s the perfect option for those who are willing to tackle the job themselves but don’t want to fly blind.

You get five different package options. The granddaddy of them all includes three meters that measure all four types of EMFs, site audit reports for every room in your home, and a 45-video instructional package.

The instructions explain how to achieve safe levels for each type of EMF in sleeping and non-sleep areas. It’s like having a Certified EMF Radiation Specialist walk through your home with you, but without the expense.

Some situations call for extreme measures

Some people may need more extreme measures, like:

  • Informed parents in multiple countries have organized mass walkouts from schools where cell tower masts generate high radiation.4
  • Moving to a different house if you live near highline wires or cell towers. Going back 20 years now, I’ve made sure my homes are not near those big power lines that are the spinal cord of the electric grid.
  • As suggested above, switch your power off at night, at least to bedrooms. You may find you sleep better and some mystery symptoms disappear.
  • Need a new mattress? Opt for one with no springs – they act as antennas during sleep. (I have to say this one strikes me as a concern for the really hypersensitive.)

Only you can determine what you’re willing to do and how much remediation you need to be safe (or at least feel safe). We may be living at one of the most fateful turning points in human history, but the science simply is not advanced enough to be sure how the EMF threat is going to play out.

But please don’t wait for 60,000 studies to roll in, as they did with tobacco, before you take action.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,


  1. Depending on whose numbers you read…
  2. (
  3. Told to my contributing editor by an FBI agent. Security issues are also the reason some companies are gun-shy about letting employees work from home.

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