Why There’s No Such Thing as Heart Cancer

Why There’s No Such Thing as Heart Cancer about undefined

(This is the first of two articles about the 2019 Annie Appleseed cancer conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida.)

At this year’s Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, health advocate Al Sanchez, Jr., made a provocative statement I’d never thought of before. He pointed out that cancer, a disease that can attack practically any organ of the body, never attacks the heart.

The explanation is simple. He said, “The heart is always active, always in motion. There’s no time for cancer to develop there. The heart gets the maximum amount of blood and the maximum amount of oxygen.”

What can we learn from this as far as avoiding other types of cancer?

The obvious lesson from this nugget of wisdom is that good circulation and oxygenation throughout the body are essential for health and protect the body from cancer.

In contrast to the heart, the other organs don’t move as much, especially when one’s breathing is shallow, which is typical for cancer patients. The act of deep breathing provides the organs with a gentle massage, causing them to move, while oxygenating the blood that travels throughout the body. Deep breathing also cancels out stress and promotes the relaxation necessary for restorative sleep and healing.

The typical cancer patient doesn’t make the time for regular exercise, doesn’t consider it essential, and hears nothing about it from a cancer doctor, whose primary concern is to get the patient on chemo.

As a consequence, the patient’s circulation and oxygenation are impaired, and the impairment is made even worse by shallow breathing. Sensible, moderate exercise — even just going on a brisk walk every day — should be considered the No. 1 “go-to” mandatory therapy for cancer, to which other remedies are added.

There’s no excuse for not exercising,
says a leading cancer doctor

One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Greg Burzynski, M.D., made the point: “Do you make time to brush your teeth? Then you can make time to exercise!”

The importance of oxygenation and circulation fits perfectly with the theory of cancer in ancient oriental medicine. Every year the Annie Appleseed conference features Dr. George Love, Jr., D.O.M. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), who explains that cancer is caused by a stagnation of blood and of qi (pronounced “chee”).

In the Oriental tradition, qi is the body’s vital energy. Dr. Love, who is recognized as a primary care physician by the state of Florida, treats patients who have cancer by recommending specific qigong exercises (repetitive moving meditations, similar to dancing) plus deep breathing to get the blood and the qi flowing.

Reportedly, the qigong exercises all by themselves have reversed some cases of cancer. You can find these exercises on YouTube videos or by ordering Dr. Love’s video “Meridian QiGong: 14 exercises that stimulate the meridians,” available on Amazon.

And more news about breath and movement…

“Breath, Movement, and Meditation” was the title of the talk by Linda Scheele, a wine merchant who became a yoga teacher and now speaks to audiences about health and wellness.

Her advice is to “Slow down your breathing. When you’re born, you breathe through your nose.” She pointed out that nose-breathing has many advantages over mouth-breathing. The hairs inside the nostrils stop pollen, and mucus in the nasal passages stops bacteria.

Air going through the filtering system in the nostrils creates nitric oxide and helps keep the airways open. When oxygen fills your lungs, it goes into your blood and nourishes all of your cells. But without oxygenation, the cells don’t detox and become sluggish.

She emphasized that “stress is a killer,” and recommended yoga breathing to get rid of the stress and promote the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” state of relaxation).

If you can’t cure cancer, then stabilize it

Cancer survivor Wendi Saggese gave an amazingly insightful talk on “Hope, Disease, and State of Mind.” When she was diagnosed in 2010 with cancer, a doctor told her, “You have a year to live.” She’s now 58 and is always looking for ways to feel better about herself.

But during her first two years with cancer she said she was “a mess.” She thought she had to fix her cancer before she could enjoy her life. She now realizes that she had it backwards: when you have cancer you have to find the happy spirit in life FIRST, and then you can make excellent progress to recover from the disease!

Before she discovered this insight, she would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, freaking out with stress, and say to herself, “My gosh, I really do have cancer! I have to figure out which therapy I should do, and then I can go back to sleep.”

Once again, she had it backwards. She told the Annie Appleseed audience it’s sometimes necessary to relax, take a vacation from your thinking, and find a way to enjoy your life, which she calls “the sweet spot” that promotes healing.

Out of that “sweet spot,” Ms. Saggese said she felt drawn to work with a particular doctor or with a particular alternative therapy. She made an analogy between the struggle of a cancer patient and the struggle of a baseball player who’s stuck in a slump: “You don’t have to hit the home run before you can feel good now. Feel good now in order to hit the home run!”

It’s also significant that Ms. Saggese still has cancer, which is neutralized and isn’t progressing. This is known as a state of stable disease, which should be considered a victory!

Most people think that when you have cancer you have to kill every speck of it in your body or else it’s going to kill you. This is not always necessary. It’s only necessary to get the upper hand over the cancer and keep on top of it.

Many people live with cancer for years. Meanwhile, you can enjoy life instead of obsessing about extinguishing every last trace of cancer. When the cancer has been stopped and neutralized, it’s no longer an unstoppable juggernaut that casts a dark shadow over the patient’s life.

Explained: The Cancer Field Theory

The keynote speech was by Dr. Henning Saupe, M.D., who runs a cancer clinic in Germany. He spoke on “The Cancer Field Theory,” an approach he applies in his holistic center, which emphasizes immunotherapy.

Dr. Saupe stated that “all true healing begins with breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are very, very important. Patients should spend more time in nature and move more.” It’s been said that deep breathing alone has made many a sick man well – a belief that tallies well with the speakers I just described.

Dr. Saupe pointed out that everyone normally develops a few thousand cancer cells every day.  It’s no big deal because a healthy immune system nips these cancer cells, restoring homeostasis (the tendency of a healthy body to self-regulate and maintain the internal environment in a stable state). Therefore, he emphasized that his goal isn’t the 100 percent elimination of cancer cells — an unrealistic expectation! He recognizes that stable disease is a good outcome.

Dr. Saupe said when cancer advances enough to be considered a disease, it indicates that there has been a deep change in what he calls the “bio-field,” which is sometimes called the bio-terrain or the milieu.

The bio-field is where the primordial life force is found. “What POWER drives biochemical reactions? That’s the question that’s never asked in Western medicine,” he challenged the audience. He designed his cancer therapies to address the factors that are known to impair the bio-field and the immune system that exists within it.

How to harness the power of your mind to cure cancer

Probably most people believe that scientists understand the immune system, but Dr. Saupe said there are 250 types of immune cells and that “no immunologist knows everything about the immune system. We may understand about four percent of what will be learned about it in the future.”

I can easily believe that, as I’ve seen one scientific orthodoxy after another fall prey to new findings.

Dr. Saupe showed a jaw-dropping slide, magnified 20,000 times, of a t-lymphocyte – a type of immune cell -- reaching out an actual claw to attack a cancer cell! Patients can use this image to visualize the immune system attacking and killing cancer cells. He believes visualization harnesses the healing power of mind-body medicine – and there is significant evidence for this belief.

In 2009 I interviewed the father of mind-body medicine, Dr. O. Carl Simonton, M.D., a few months before his death. Dr. Simonton toured Germany, where Dr. Saupe met him and was influenced by him.

Dr. Saupe learned the visualization techniques of mind-body medicine, which are known to strengthen a patient’s immune system. Patients who are familiar with the Pac-Man video game, for example, can visualize their immune system as a vast army of Pac-Man clones that gobble up cancer cells relentlessly. That’s pretty much what happens when the immune system identifies cancer cells as targets and starts zapping them.

Dr. Saupe quoted an immunologist, Dr. Christian Schubert, who said, “There is no difference between our feelings and our immune system.” When the patient has happy, creative feelings and feels thankful, the immune system gets immediately stronger.

The inflammation bogey-man

One huge factor that drags the immune system down is chronic inflammation, as distinguished from acute inflammation. Dr. Saupe explained that when you accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer, for example, acute inflammation comes to the rescue, your thumb turns red, and the healing, repair, and reconstruction begins.

But chronic stress causes the bad kind of inflammation, which damages the bio-field and immune system. He said, “We have to cool down the silent inflammation to return the immune system back to normal.”

To cool down the inflammation for patients in his clinic, Dr. Saupe finds that stress management and detoxification are crucial. His therapies help patients excrete toxins through their breath, urine, sweat, and stool. As in other holistic clinics, patients are evaluated for nutritional deficiencies, which are remedied.

Cancer patients who can’t forgive
only hurt themselves

To bring stress under control, patients at the clinic work with a mental coach to learn healing meditations and to practice forgiveness for others and for one’s self. Several speakers warned that holding a grudge sabotages recovery from cancer. It’s necessary to let go and forgive in order to move forward to healing and health.

The clinic provides patients with two to two-and-a-half liters of pure water per day to treat a water deficiency. To boost the intake of oxygen, it treats patients with hyperbaric oxygen.

The clinic considers gut flora crucial for health. Take care of your gut flora,” Dr. Saupe advised. “Check it with a stool analysis. Eat more fermented food, such as sauerkraut  and kimchi. Cabbage is great. Sauerkraut is very healthy. The quality of the microbiome correlates with life expectancy.”

Many alternative health advocates emphasize the need to change the body from acidic to alkaline, but Dr. Saupe discourages the focus on alkalinity. He says it’s more important to get the right balance. “Alkalinity isn’t a cancer cure. Don’t take too much baking soda, which can be dangerous.”

His clinic uses the state-of-the-art tools that you’ll find in the other cancer clinics in Germany, such as hyperthermia, magnetic field therapy, high dose vitamin C, and so on, plus an eating plan that includes fish, vegetables, and fruit, low intake of red meat, and no pork at all. He calls this eating plan an anti-inflammatory diet.

One of his patients took the microphone and gave Dr. Saupe her highest recommendation, saying, “He didn’t overpromise. He encouraged me to make changes in my life for good. He gave me the book Radical Remission by Kelly Turner, and I read it during my first trip to Germany. He’s a brilliant doctor!”

His clinic, the Arcadia-Praxisklinik located in Bad Emstal, Germany, is one of the few first-class cancer clinics in Germany that I haven’t yet visited myself. To discover why so many Americans are going to Germany to get rid of their cancer, click here.

Health advocate Rick Shapiro, who used to practice law, spoke about his new book Hope Never Dies, which has become an Amazon best seller. This book is giving a bright ray of hope to many cancer patients.

Like the previously mentioned book Radical Remission, Mr. Shapiro’s book is jam-packed with stories of patients who had been told by doctors they had only weeks or months to live. These patients proved their doctors flat-out wrong. That’s why he urged patients at the conference not to believe such predictions He also interviewed some top doctors for his book.

Next issue will feature Part Two of Andrew Scholberg’s report on the Annie Appleseed Conference.

Best regards,

Lee Euler,

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