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Stay on the Sunny Side and Lower Your Cancer Risk

By Lee Euler / September 22, 2021

If you follow the advice of many conventional doctors, you might never let a single ray of sunshine touch your skin unless you’ve already slathered yourself with a thick coat of sunscreen. That’s because those medical folks have become so obsessed with the possibility of ultraviolet rays from the sun causing skin cancer, they’re in […]

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Common Spice is “Fertilizer” for Cancer

By Lee Euler / September 19, 2021

Most of us associate MSG – monosodium glutamate — with certain Chinese food restaurants or can’t-stop-eating potato chips. Neither is known for being healthy. But MSG has a much broader reach. In fact, it’s almost everywhere. It’s sprinkled on just about every packaged item the food industry finagles onto our grocery store shelves. The damage […]

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Why Are Golfers at Higher Risk of Cancer?

By Lee Euler / September 12, 2021

Here’s a special warning to anyone who frequents the golf course… Experts are finding that people who spend large amounts of time on the golf course are at higher risk for cancers of the brain, large intestine, liver, lung and prostate. A University of Iowa study found that just working as a golf superintendent significantly […]

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Can This Simple Water Purifier Also Cure Cancer?

By Lee Euler / September 5, 2021

Jim Humble was hoping to strike pay dirt on a gold mining expedition. While he didn’t strike gold he did accidentally discover a natural treatment that has reportedly healed everything from malaria to hepatitis and even some cancers. Here’s the fascinating story… Jim Humble had retired from mining when a friend offered him a generous […]

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Chef’s Secrets Help Chase Away Cancer

By Lee Euler / September 1, 2021

Any chef worth his or her salt has numerous “secret” recipes that rely on an array of spices to flavor their prized culinary creations. But many spices do more than just add flavor, they can add a wealth of medicinal benefits too, from fighting inflammation to curbing cancer. Let’s take a look at the top […]

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Do You Have These Eight Cancer Warning Signs?

By Lee Euler / August 29, 2021

Many people believe cancer wreaks silent havoc on the body and that by the time you notice any changes in your health, cancer is already growing out of control. In some cases this is true, but in many cases there are physical warning signs to watch out for. After analyzing twenty-five studies from the United […]

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