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New home protocol for a healthy colon

By Lee Euler / January 17, 2018

by Andrew Scholberg This is the second of two reports about Ty Bollinger’s 2017 “The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]” conference at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The views of the speakers are not necessarily those of Cancer Defeated or Lee Euler. If the old adage that “death begins in the colon” is […]


Remarkable lost cancer cure revealed at conference

By Lee Euler / January 14, 2018

by Andrew Scholberg This is the first of two reports on Ty Bollinger’s 2017 “The Truth About Cancer [LIVE]” conference at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. The views of the speakers, reported here, are not necessarily those of Cancer Defeated or Lee Euler. Ty Bollinger and his wife opened the conference by […]


Is this the number one cause of cancer?

By Lee Euler / January 10, 2018

It took until 2013 for the American Medical Association to finally recognize obesity as a complex chronic disease that requires medical attention. This has led to greater efforts to improve the health of the nation by promoting healthier eating and encouraging physical exercise. But even though most people (I hope) are now aware that excess […]


Natural remedies for anxiety

By Lee Euler / January 7, 2018

When stress and anxiety hit – whether it’s from your work, family, relationships or any combination – they affect your body from head to toe. Hopefully the crisis is temporary, but when it’s long term, the physical effects can be devastating. Research shows people suffering with long-term anxiety and/or depression have an increased risk of […]


How cancer evades your immune system, and what to do about it

By Lee Euler / January 3, 2018

Your body’s security system is similar to your home security system or watch dog. But infinitely more important. It’s supposed to keep the bad guys out… or take them out if they find their way in. Yet cancer gets around it. How can that be? If you get a cold, even measles, your immune system […]


Not all EMFs are bad for you

By Lee Euler / December 31, 2017

Known as the “Father of Wellness” in chiropractic circles, Dr. John Brimhall owns $300,000 worth of medical equipment which he uses as required to treat his patients. But he says there is one piece of equipment that stands out from the rest. If he had to give up all his electromagnetic frequency devices, lasers, oxygen […]


“Managing” diabetes with medications can be hazardous

By Lee Euler / December 27, 2017

Hearing your doctor tell you you’ve got diabetes probably isn’t one of your worst nightmares. There are hundreds of diseases that kill faster and with greater certainty. Many people think diabetes is just a manageable nuisance, thanks to medications. And, indeed, people do live with it for years and years. But research suggests maybe you […]


The dangerous food additive almost everyone eats

By Lee Euler / December 24, 2017

Most of us associate MSG – monosodium glutamate — with down-market Chinese food or can’t-stop-eating potato chips. Neither is known for being healthy. But MSG has a much broader reach. In fact, it’s almost everywhere. It’s sprinkled into just about every packaged item the food industry finagles onto our grocery store shelves. The damage MSG […]


These foods set you up to get cancer

By Lee Euler / December 20, 2017

The foods you eat can be your best friends against cancer or your worst enemies. Some foods contain nutrients that help your immune system control cancer cells. But other foods change your immune cells in ways that can increase the risk of cancer cells wreaking havoc. You see, your immune system has fine-tuned mechanisms for […]


The good news and bad news about cheese

By Lee Euler / December 17, 2017

I’ve long been a proponent for staying away from processed foods, but I’ll be the first to admit the lines get blurred when it comes to cheese. Besides being rich in calcium, many cheeses are made through a culturing and fermentation process and certain soft cheeses are an excellent source of probiotics. Some cheeses (the […]

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