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Popular Undergarment May Contribute to Breast Cancer

By Lee Euler / March 20, 2019

The idea that bras may increase the risk of breast cancer will inspire a few snickers, no doubt. And it’s not a widespread belief – it’s pretty much the private crusade of just a few people. But I’m impressed enough with their evidence to take it seriously. Here’s the full story – you decide. . […]


Is This the Most Natural Way to Fight Cancer?

By Lee Euler / March 17, 2019

Your body has a natural way to fight cancer that too many of us undermine (and, no, I’m not talking about our bad eating habits). The natural tool I’m referring to is so effective, researchers are now calling it a “tumor suppressor.” It’s simple to put this basic bodily function to work on your behalf. […]


Chemotherapy is Not Always Bad

By Lee Euler / March 13, 2019

Cancer patients are admonished to discuss their ideas and concerns with their oncologist. But when they ask about alternative treatments they’re told it’s all quackery and will endanger their lives. The vast majority of oncologists don’t have a clue about natural medicine. Please understand this: They know NOTHING about it. When they tell you it […]


A Simple Answer to the HRT-versus-Cancer Debate

By Lee Euler / March 10, 2019

The topic of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, can be as polarizing these days as politics. Even members of the medical community can fly into a rage about it. And the massive amount of misinformation on the internet helps nobody. I’ve heard doctors spout off advice about how important it is to consider risks versus […]


Traitorous Immune Cells Use Cancer to Kill You

By Lee Euler / March 6, 2019

Researchers who have looked into how cancer grows in the body have made a disturbing discovery. Although a tumor can be life-threatening, your immune cells may be egging the cancer cells on. They may even be causing a tumor to be more deadly than it would be on its own. Yes, the very system in […]


Even in The Face of Impossible Odds – Proof You Can Beat Cancer

By Lee Euler / March 3, 2019

Jane McLelland was supposed to die in 12 weeks. At least that’s what the statistics say when cervical cancer has spread to a woman’s lungs. But this 35-year-old UK physiotherapist, wasn’t ready to give up on life when she got the bad news in 1999. She had too much to live for. She refused to […]


A Little-Known Plant Remedy for Diabetes, Cancer, Blood Pressure and More

By Lee Euler / February 27, 2019

It’s been a feature of Chinese, Indian and South Asian medicine for over a thousand years. In modern times it’s backed by robust research, successful high quality trials and proven benefits. Yet berberine is not well known, even among devotees of alternative medicine.. Since it has the potential to treat so many modern health concerns […]


This New Science Reads Your DNA to Optimize Your Cancer-Fighting Diet

By Lee Euler / February 24, 2019

Diet plans are a big industry, and it seems hundreds of people stump for different kinds of diets. In the world of alternative health, the most popular options these days are the keto, Paleo and vegetarian eating plans. And while a lot of people are still searching for that holy grail of a diet that […]


The Tricky But Essential Thing to Avoid in the Meat You Buy

By Lee Euler / February 20, 2019

Organic food is better for you than non-organic, because it’s always better to keep pesticides and herbicides out of your body. Another reason to eat organic is to avoid the antibiotics that are frequently found in meat. These drugs are fed to animals because apparently they promote quick weight gain, and also enable cattle and […]


Is Cancer in Your Future? A Simple Blood Test May be Able to Tell

By Lee Euler / February 17, 2019

The concept of early detection for cancer has brought a lot of hope to a lot of people, and even saved some lives. But it comes with startling limitations, because most of the time cancer is detected only when it’s already too far advanced. “Big enough to detect” means the cancer is already too large […]

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