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Deep-Breathe Your Way to Ideal Health

By Lee Euler / May 19, 2019

Imagine climbing into something that looks like a tanning bed. You feel a noticeable increase in air pressure, and then you just lie there and breathe for a while as your body heals in radical ways… It sounds almost too simple, yet it’s a treatment that’s making headlines across the world for helping people overcome […]


This Sorry-Looking Tree Contains A Powerful Cancer Treatment

By Lee Euler / May 16, 2019

I feel a special regard for ancient and traditional health remedies, especially one that’s been around since the Bronze Age. That’s the case for frankincense, which has been traded on the Arabian Peninsula for more than 6,000 years. The very word frankincense means “high quality incense.” Its fragrance is a blend of piney, lemony scents […]


Better Options for Men with a High PSA

By Lee Euler / May 15, 2019

A screening tool that lacks precision. Totally unnecessary treatment. Poor prognostic tools. Men certainly draw the short straw when it comes to prostate cancer. With 174,650 American men expected to receive a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2019, urgently needed are better methods of early detection, more reliable ways to predict an individual’s likely outcome, and […]


The Most Dreaded Development in Cancer – and How to Prevent It

By Lee Euler / May 11, 2019

Just about the worst news a patient can get is that cancer cells have spread from the original tumor to other parts of the body. This process, called metastasis, does not have a good prognosis. Early stage cancer is almost always treatable and you can often get rid of it altogether. Metastatic cancer – the […]


This Biblical Superstar Keep Doctors Away… And Cancer at Bay

By Lee Euler / April 28, 2019

Forget the “an apple a day” mantra… this could be far better. On the outside, it looks somewhat like a large apple – red in color, but closer to a perfect sphere. If you’ve never eaten this fruit, get ready for a fun surprise — the amazing little morsels hidden on the inside of its […]


The 7 Wonders that Cured Bettina’s Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 24, 2019

(This is the second of two articles about the 2019 Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.) One of the highlights of each Annie Appleseed conference is the Patient Panel, featuring three cancer patients who tell their stories. The moderator, Julie Chiappetta, summarized her own story of healing from cancer 19 years ago. […]


Why There’s No Such Thing as Heart Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 21, 2019

(This is the first of two articles about the 2019 Annie Appleseed cancer conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida.) At this year’s Annie Appleseed cancer conference in West Palm Beach, health advocate Al Sanchez, Jr., made a provocative statement I’d never thought of before. He pointed out that cancer, a disease that can attack […]


Popular Spring Flower Packs a Punch Against Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 17, 2019

An ancient herb – used in Asian traditional medicine for at least 2,000 years – has now been shown to be effective against a very modern health problem. The health threat? The fact that so many of us are overweight compared to say, 50 years ago, when the condition was fairly rare and mostly affected […]


A List of Herbs that Can Slow or Reverse Pancreatic Cancer

By Lee Euler / April 14, 2019

By 2030, pancreatic cancer is projected to become the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the US, after lung cancer. From 2006 to 2015, incidence rates increased by about 1% a year, but in a recently published report, The American Cancer Society estimates 56,700 Americans will be diagnosed with the disease in 2019, a […]


Asbestos and Mesothelioma – The Full Story

By Lee Euler / April 10, 2019

A grand total of fifty-five countries – stretching from Europe to the Persian Gulf – have banned asbestos. But notably, that list does not include the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, India, or Brazil.1 Unfortunately, it’s not just a workplace hazard either. Asbestos hides in many products – including (shockingly) kids’ crime kits and crayons, hair […]

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