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Putting This Inside You Protects Your Skin

By Lee Euler / July 17, 2019

The poor lemon has an undeserved bad reputation (except when its sour flavor is offset with tons of sugar, or used in cleaning products). It’s popular as a flavoring or scent, but few among us want to bite into a raw lemon. As far back as 1863, people with a tart disposition were called lemons. […]


They Told Her She Had a Brain Tumor… Then They Found This

By Lee Euler / July 14, 2019

She couldn’t decide whether to be grossed out or relieved. Doctors had given this newlywed woman the horrible news that she had brain cancer. So the neurosurgeons at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City cut open her skull, expecting to find a malignant brain tumor. What they found instead was shocking. So shocking, they […]


The Real Danger Posed by Diabetes

By Lee Euler / July 10, 2019

We have a raging epidemic of type 2 diabetes in the United States thanks to our high-carb eating habits and ever-increasing waistlines. The disease currently afflicts one out of ten Americans, with another 85 million on the verge of developing it. It’s a deadly disease, but not for the reasons you may think. About three […]


Enzyme Therapy for Cancer – An Old and Honored Treatment

By Lee Euler / July 7, 2019

Not a lot of people can explain what the pancreas does – because there’s really no need. In a healthy, functioning body, your pancreas does its job like all your other organs and there’s no need to think deep thoughts about it. But if you’re fighting cancer, or suffering the side effects of a cancer […]


Jeopardy Host Says This is Helping Him Beat Terminal Cancer

By Lee Euler / July 3, 2019

Popular Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has been around since I was a kid, and that’s a LONG time. Lately he’s been going through the fight of his life. Just a few months ago, he got the terrifying diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Doctors told him the survival rate for his disease was less than […]


Be Careful Where You Search for Alternative Health Info

By Lee Euler / June 30, 2019

So you’re having a health problem and decide to investigate alternative options by asking “Dr. Google.” Not such a great idea. What you find might be a partial or complete hoax… The website you land on may also put you at risk by denying you access to balanced, accurate information about your care options. Unfortunately, […]


Herbal Treatment for Malaria Now Known to Kill Cancer, Too

By Lee Euler / June 26, 2019

Best known as one of the ingredients in the highly alcoholic distilled spirit, absinthe, this bushy herb is also found in the cocktail staple, vermouth. Germans call vermouth wermut, which reveals the name of one of the herbs it contains. Wermut translates as wormwood. Besides being an alcohol additive, wormwood’s use as a medicine goes […]


This Food Helps Your Genes Shift into Anti-Cancer Mode

By Lee Euler / June 23, 2019

Your body’s most important anti-cancer defenses are its own home grown, natural systems designed to zap cancer cells as soon as they appear. One of your body’s weapons is certain genes in your cells that often undermine these enemies. But to keep those defenses functioning at full capacity, it’s crucial to eat the right foods. […]


Organic Foods Contain Anti-cancer Nutrients that Conventional Foods Lack

By Lee Euler / June 16, 2019

People often ask me if buying organic food is worth the extra money it costs. My usual answer is, “It’s worth it if you don’t want to eat poison. I don’t want to eat pesticides and herbicides.” Now there’s an exciting extra reason for insisting on organic foods: They contain much higher amounts of cancer-fighting […]

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