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DIY Immunotherapy: How to Battle Cancer at Home

By Lee Euler / September 16, 2018

Mainstream medicine sometimes gets it right. A new wonder treatment called CAR T-cell therapy gives hope to cancer victims who would have had none from conventional medicine just a few years ago. Yet it’s not the be-all, end-all cancer treatment we all want it to be – far from it. For starters, it’s only approved […]


Ancient Spice Targets Cancer in a New Way

By Lee Euler / September 12, 2018

With its combination of sweet and savory flavors, this spice works well in stews, soups, vegetable dishes, desserts, and dry rubs on joints of meat. It can even be used in place of black pepper for those who want a more complex flavor with a bigger kick to it. And yet, though you can find […]


You Can Fight Cancer While You Sleep – Or Lose to It

By Lee Euler / September 9, 2018

Your body possesses its own natural anti-cancer defenses. And they are powerful. But too many of us fail to take advantage of these protections, oftentimes because we don’t know better. The frequent result is that we allow cancer to start growing and cancer cells to come together in a cozy little community called a tumor […]


Are You Accidentally Helping Your Body’s Mortal Enemy?

By Lee Euler / September 5, 2018

Cancer cells need a good supply of energy to grow, divide, and spread. But where do they get all that energy? And how can we stop them from getting it? Instead of stopping them, the majority of us commit treason against our health by aiding and abetting cancer. While we’re at it, we also subject […]


Eat Like This to Create a “Magic Shield” Against Cancer

By Lee Euler / September 2, 2018

In 2002 Valter Longo, Ph.D. was looking at ways to protect cancer patients from the damaging side effects of chemotherapy. Based on his experience working in the same lab as a well-known anti-aging scientist named Roy Walford, Dr. Longo knew that in many animals, damaging cellular changes could be prevented and life could be extended […]


This Substance Found in a Certain Candy Stops Cancer Cold

By Lee Euler / August 29, 2018

Plants possess what you could call “pigment power.” The natural compounds that give fruits and their vegetables their colors also provide chemical weapons the human body can use to stay healthier. Some of the healthiest fruits – blueberries and raspberries, for example – get their medicinal power from these color compounds. One pigment in particular […]


Acid Reflux: Not an Innocent Nuisance

By Lee Euler / August 26, 2018

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid surges from your stomach back up into your esophagus, the tube that connects your stomach and mouth. If you can taste vomit at the back of your throat, usually after a meal, that’s acid reflux. Many people regard acid reflux as a mere nuisance or – at worst — […]


Banned Malaria Cure Brings New Hope for Cancer Patients

By Lee Euler / August 19, 2018

Whilst prospecting for gold deep in the jungles of Guyana, South America, Jim Humble had no idea he would return from that 1996 trip to spend a year in scientific research and then devote the best part of the next two decades to teaching other people a new protocol for overcoming multiple health disorders. By […]


These Three Words are Powerful Enough to Curb Your Entire Cancer Risk

By Lee Euler / August 15, 2018

Anxiety, stress, and depression are at an all-time high right now – especially in America. In its most recent annual survey of stress in Americans (2017), the American Psychological Association found a statistically significant increase in stress levels in the U.S. over what was reported the year before. Some of the reasons were political, some […]

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